Eating cheese may reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease –

Eating cheese may reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease


CHEESE lovers rejoice: eating a portion of the good could reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, a study shows.

Eating a daily serving of 40 grams can reduce the odds of developing heart disease by a staggering 14 percent, reports The Sun .

Researchers in China found that the same amount could reduce the risk of a stroke by 10 percent.

A British study conducted earlier in the year also found that almost a million people did not see a higher risk with regular consumption of cheese.

Scientists at the University of Reading said their findings questioned years of public health advice on limiting the consumption of dairy products.

Nutrition Australia recommends that Australian adults consume a minimum of 2.5 dairy services per day. A service of 40 grams of cheese beads from a dairy serving. The organization recommends that more than 50 percent of the dairy intake be composed of reduced fat varieties. Cheese, in particular, can be high in kilojoules.

As a result, the British Heart Foundation recommends that patients with heart disease get the nutrients they can find in cheese from other products, such as milk and yogurt, to reduce kilojoules. [19659003] In the latest study, experts from Soochow University in Suzhou, China, combined the results of 15 previous studies on cheese and cardiac risk.

This technique, called meta-badysis, is often used when individual studies are too small to produce conclusive conclusions.

They discovered that eating cheese often seemed to be beneficial to the heart rather than harmful.

Volunteers who eat about 40 g a day – roughly the size of a small matchbox – saw the greatest reduction in risk to their health.

In a report on their findings, the researchers said: "Cheese contains saturated fatty acids, but it also has potentially beneficial nutrients."

"It is not clear how long-term consumption affects the development of cardi-vascular disease.

"This study suggests an inverse badociation between cheese and health".

According to, Australians consume around 13 kg of cheese per person per year, an average of around 35.6 g per day, which is just below the recommended amount.

This story first appeared in The Sun .

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