Earthquake in Japan today in Osaka: the death toll increases after 6.1 earthquakes, damage to buildings –

Earthquake in Japan today in Osaka: the death toll increases after 6.1 earthquakes, damage to buildings

TOKYO – A strong earthquake toppled the walls and caused scattered fires on Monday morning around the Osaka metropolitan area in western Japan. At least three people died and dozens were injured.

The disaster management department of the Osaka prefecture government said two people were found dead, while the Ibaraki city official confirmed a third victim. The Fire and Disaster Management Agency said more than 40 were injured in Osaka and the nearby prefectures of Hyogo and Kyoto.

A victim was a 9-year-old girl who was knocked down by a concrete wall in her elementary school while walking by. A man in his 80s died in the collapse of a concrete wall in the city of Osaka. An 84-year-old man in neighboring Ibaraki died after a bookcase fell on him at his home, according to city officials.

The 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck shortly after 8 a.m. north of Osaka at a depth of about 13 kilometers (8 miles), said the Japan Meteorological Agency. The strongest shock occurred north of Osaka, but the earthquake shook much of western Japan, including Kyoto, the agency said.

The earthquake toppled walls, broke windows and caused fires in scattered buildings. He tore down book shelves in homes and scattered items on store floors. He also broke roads and broke water pipes, leaving houses without water.

The morning commute was interrupted, as dozens of domestic flights entered and left Osaka, while the train and subway in the Osaka area included the bullet train suspended to check for damage. The pbadengers were seen leaving the trains on the tracks between the stations.

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Inclination of electric boards of the railway guide after an earthquake at the Ibaraki-shi station in the city of Ibaraki, north of Osaka prefecture on June 18, 2018.


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