Earth has not seen a ‘hothouse’ state in 50 million years

Sixty-seven million years ago, after a large asteroid’s explosive energy from about 1 billion atomic bombs from Earth, a shroud of ash, dust, and evaporated rock covered the sky and slowly rained down the planet.

As species of plants and animals died, amoebas with small forests continued to be called, which continued to form strong shells from calcium and other deep-sea minerals, as if they had hundreds of millions of years. When each forum essentially died – transformed into sediment of the ocean – they kept a small piece of Earth’s ancient history alive in their fossil shells.

For decades, scientists have studied shells that look for clues about the temperature of the Earth’s ancient ocean, its carbon budget, and the composition of minerals circulating through the air and the sea.

Now, in a new study published today (10 September) in the journal Science, Researchers have analyzed chemical elements in thousands of forum samples to create Earth’s most detailed climate record – and find out how serious our current climate situation is.


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