Earn $ 2,400 for doing a 24-hour digital detox

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Even those who had a relatively healthy relationship with technology before the pandemic may now find themselves in a different position, one in which they interact with some type of screen for almost all of their waking hours. Between Zoom meetings, virtual tours, your actual job, and using television as a way to unwind after all the rest of your screen time, you may be looking for an excuse to drop everything, at least for a day.

Now, the Reviews.org team has one for you – they will pay a person $ 2,400 to do a 24-hour digital detox. This is what you should know.

What you have to do for the money

Naturally, the challenge involves more than just avoiding screens for the day – the selected person will need to provide the company with some feedback on their experience and review their “24-hour tech-free survival kit” (more on that in a bit) .

So what exactly does it mean to go offline? According to Reviews.org, someone must be willing to disconnect from all personal technology (excluding emergencies) for 24 hours, including:

  • Without cellphone
  • No tv
  • No game consoles / handheld game devices
  • No computers / laptops
  • No smart watches or wearable technology
  • No smart home devices (smart speakers, smart vacuums, etc.)

An exception to this is a microwave, which you can still use to heat food for the 24 hour period.

If you are chosen for the digital detox challenge, you will have 14 days to choose a day that fits your schedule. After the challenge, you will be asked to submit screen time reports to prove that you actually spent a full 24 hours without your technology.

What you get

If you are selected to accept the challenge, you will receive:

  • The official title of “2021 Digital Detox Challenger” in the USA.S.
  • $ 2,400 (USD) as payment for completing the challenge
  • A day without doomscrolling, bad internet memes or Zoom fatigue
  • A safe to store your technology for 24 hours
  • A $ 200 Amazon Gift Card to Build a Tech-Free Survival Kit

The Tech-Free Survival Kit is basically your pick of items from Amazon, with a total value of up to $ 200, that will help you get through time without your devices. Here are some suggestions from the company (although are also open to your ideas):

  • A typewriter to replace your laptop
  • Board games to replace video games
  • Write stationery to replace text messages or emails
  • An abacus to replace your phone’s calculator
  • Books from the bestseller list to replace the passing time scroll through social media
  • Paints and brushes to take a self portrait instead of taking selfies

How to apply

Anyone who is at least 18 years old and eligible to work in the US is eligible to apply. Only fill out this application at 7pm EST on Friday, March 26, 2021. Reviews.org will announce the names of those selected to be detox challengers on March 29 at its Youube channel.


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