Early voting has begun in Minnesota, other states before the November election

Voters in Minnesota, Virginia, South Dakota and Wyoming began casting their ballots for the November elections on Friday as early voting periods began in those states.

Starting Friday until 2 November, Voters in Virginia can present ballots in preceding ballots across the state and mail by ballot by October 23. Those who have requested absentee ballots in Minnesota, South Dakota and Wyoming can now give their ballot to the person or persons. Mail until one day before Election Day.

Early voting in Minnesota comes as both President TrumpDonald John TrumpHR McMaster says presidential policy to remove troops from Afghanistan is ‘unnatural’, casts ‘Parks and Race’ reunites for virtual town halls to address Wisconsin voters Biden says That Trump should step higher than coronovirus And Democratic presidential candidates Joe BidenJoe Bidencast of ‘Parks and Rakes’ Reunion for Virtual Town Hall to Address Wisconsin Voters, Biden says Trump should step down on coronovirus response Biden told CNN Town Hall that he was denied white privilege Has benefited Ready to visit the state on Friday. Trump is scheduled to hold a rally in the evening Bemidji has an airport in the city, while Biden is expected to visit a union training center in Duluth.

Trump campaign hopes to flip Midwestern state, which is Democratic nominee Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham Clintonhillican Valley: FBI chief says Russia is trying to interfere in elections to weaken Biden. Treasury Department approves Hill’s campaign report to Iran government-backed hackers: Arizona shifts to Biden ready for Biden drive-in town hall. New Biden Advertising Targets Latino Voter FBI chief says Russia is trying to interfere in elections to weaken Biden More Won by just under 45,000 votes in 2016. However, Vote from five elections recently Biden leads the president with nearly 17 percentage points.

Friday morning’s tweet showed long lines already drawn with outward instinct Capturing an image Dozens of voters, standing outside a Richmond, VA, are set to cast their ballots six weeks before the official November 3 elections.

Other states, including New Jersey, Michigan, Vermont, and Illinois, are set to begin voting early in the coming week 29 other states and the District of Columbia Suits after October.

Early voting comes as lawmakers and others have raised concerns about the safety of in-person voting during the coronavirus epidemic. In response, many states have expanded absentee voting. Vote on Tuesday in South Carolina. Allowing voters to cast absentee ballots in the November elections.

Trump continues to criticize mail-in voting, claiming without evidence that the practice leads to large-scale fraud.

“What they are doing is using COVID to steal an election,” President said last month. “They are using COVID to deceive the American people, all our people in a fair and free election. We cannot do that.”


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