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Early puberty can cause heart disease

Hyderabad: Girls, who menstruate before age 12, are 10 percent more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those who achieve it by age 13 or 14, according to a study.

The researchers found that those who started menstruating early had an increased risk of heart disease later in life.

The ideal age for girls to start menstruating is 13. The researchers examined data on more than 5,000 middle-aged adults who had no history of heart disease.

Heart disease is emerging as one of the leading causes of death among women, and one in three deaths is attributed to it.

Dr. Shiv Kumar, senior cardiologist, said: "The age factor during the first monthly cycle is taken into account in heart disease, but together with obesity and other lifestyle disorders also contribute to diseases cardiovascular. "

we can say that the early cycle predisposes them, but the way they take care of their health and maintain themselves can also help prevent the disease, "he added.

Interestingly, women's heart issues they are studied very closely only now.
There was a myth that they would not have heart problems due to the monthly cycle. But that is not the case.
Reproductive health factors also influence the risk of heart disease in women.
The history of childbirth and miscarriages are also related to cardiovascular health. Dr. K.K. Aggarwal, a senior cardiologist, added: "Women who undergo a hysterectomy face the risk of cardiovascular disease."

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