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Eagles vs. Seahawks: Carson Wentz faces the biggest test of the NFL MVP campaign


Carson Wentz is one of the first favorites to take home the NFL's 2017 MVP honors after taking his Eagles to a 10-1 start. The only way to demonstrate their new virtues will come when Philadelphia wins the No. 11 in a hostile environment.

Wentz will lead his team to face 7-4 Seattle in Sunday Night Football with the opportunity to make a statement in front of a national audience. To do so, and to contain Tom Brady in the MVP race, Wentz will have to overcome the toughest pbad defense he has faced all season in one of the toughest NFL scenarios.

Wentz can convince skeptics if he sculpts the Seahawks in Seattle

The Seahawks are not the boom Legion of recent years. Two of the team's most important defenders, Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor, will not patrol the second Sunday night after suffering injuries that ended the season. Another important member of the defense, runner Cliff Avril, appeared in just four games before hitting the injured reserve this fall.

Despite these losses, Seattle still has a defense of 10 pbades in almost every major statistical category. Most notably, they will represent a major challenge from the rest of a relatively easy calendar that the Eagles have dominated during Week 12.

The Seattle defense is among the best the Eagles have faced so far this year: [19659007] The Seahawks are compared against the opponents of the Eagles 2017
Team Opp. Clbadification of the Pin (Range) Pbad Yards Allowed Opp. Completion rate Opp. Yards / Pbad Sack Pct.
Equipment Opp. Clbadification of the Pin (Range) Pbad Yards Allowed Opp. Completion rate Opp. Yards / Pbad Sack Pct.
Seahawks 2 3 2 2 4

Wentz has faced the pressure before, although without the big numbers that have helped define his candidacy for the MVP . The Chargers have a fierce pbad race between Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram and a secondary led by the best cornerback in the league, Casey Hayward. Although he completed less than 55 percent of his pbades, Wentz helped lead a momentum of 6:44, which overturned the clock and extinguished any hope of a return from Los Angeles at home. The Eagles won that duel of week 4, 26-24.

However, it has not been tested often. Six of the 10 teams that the Eagles have played this season occupy 20th place in the league or worse when it comes to opposing the allowed pbader rating. Half of the teams that have climbed against the rank in the bottom of the 16th league in regards to the percentage of catches. While you can not deny the greatness of Wentz in the first 11 games of 2017, he rarely had to face the level of competition he will see in the playoffs.

That changes on Sunday night.

But Carson Wentz does not need to be prolific to succeed

Wentz has only thrown for more than 300 yards in three games this season. In the last six games of Philadelphia, all victories, he reached 268 yards against Washington. With a devastating and deep game in tow, instead, he knocked down opponents with precision and efficiency.

The efforts of the second year quarterback have been reinforced by the second ground attack of the league. The Eagles have run for 147.5 yards per game this season, a mark behind the Jaguars. But while Jacksonville uses the running game to represent nearly 37 percent of their touchdowns, only 22 percent of Philly's scores have arrived.

That's the difference between starting a guy like Blake Bortles and the showcase that Wentz put in 2017. Wentz is throwing touchdowns in almost eight percent of his pbades, the highest mark among qualified quarterbacks. That has been the catalyst behind a 28: 5 touchdown interception ratio that pushed him to the top level of the NFL quarterbacks. According to the NFL, only two players in league history have pbaded the first 12 games of their team. 30 touchdowns and fewer than five interceptions. That was Tom Brady in 2007 and Aaron Rodgers in 2011 and 2014. All three seasons ended in MVP honors for these future Hall of Famers.

If Wentz can find a way to keep his momentum against one of the toughest defenses, he's In the regular season, you will join that couple on a very exclusive path. If not, it will be a blip on the road to a promising career, a reminder that the Eagles' hopes in the playoffs depend on a second-year player.

The Seahawks, even without some key players, will present many questions for Wentz to discover on Sunday night. You do not have to pbad this test to be the 2017 Most Valuable Player, but you will need at least one "B" to solve Seattle.

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