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Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz looking for a rebound – ProFootballTalk


Like the reaction of center Eagles Jason Kelce, defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz believes that most of the errors for the Philadelphia defense Sunday night in Seattle were self-inflicted and repairable.

According to Les Bowen of Philadelphia Inquirer Schwartz gave credit to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his ability to extend plays and create big plays out of nothing. However, there were opportunities to prevent Seattle's structured offense from causing as many problems as the Eagles suffered Sunday night.

"We did not play our best game, I think that was pretty obvious, in all three levels of the defense … I do not know if we had a person in the field who would have considered the game one of his best performances, and honestly We had a lot of guys that was probably one of them, worst performances, "Schwartz said.

"We did not play very well on the selection routes, we knew they were coming, we got them last year, we did not do a good job, particularly at the first momentum, we did not lose big plays, but they moved methodically through the field. enough ".

"After the first series, we did a better job, we still did not do a great job answering them, it's built in; when you play man to man, you get that kind of friction and selections and all those things. do with the alignments, [playing] up versus off, press vs. turn off in some of those situations, and we were not in the best positions in some of those plays. "

Of course, the Los Angeles Rams – and all the others who remain on the Eagles' regular season schedule – do not have Wilson as a quarterback either.

The 24-10 loss was the first time in three weeks that the Eagles even allowed more than nine points in a game. They still occupy third place in total defense, sixth in points allowed and remain the main defense of the league against the run for 13 weeks.

"It shows you a bit about where our guys are, that's considered a bad performance," Schwartz said. .

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