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Each photo of the Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card


The crew of Kardashian-Jenner is expanding its annual joy propaganda card to cover a whole month and keeping the fans guessing with daily gestures.

Since the beginning of the month, Kim Kardashian West and the photographer behind the card, Eli Linnetz, have been sharing images of the filming on social networks, such as an Advent calendar. Linnetz wrote on Instagram that the series is titled, The 25 Days of Christmas .

On December 1, Kardashian West published the first picture: a picture of his son Saint (who turns 3 on December 5) in jeans while posing with brown gifts neatly wrapped in white ribbon.

It's the boy's first Christmas card, since he had only a few weeks when Sister North and her cousins ​​Penelope, Mason and Reign Disick starred in the 2015 photo wearing elegant black coordinating ensembles.

The family chose not to launch a card in 2016.

While the countdown to December 25 – and the final image – continues, here are all the photos so far.

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Kardashian West organized the filming for 2017, revealed during her appearance in November at The Late Late Show ]

"This Christmas card of the year is taken very casually, we are doing some jeans and T-shirts, very nice, all children and so difficult to put together," he said. "They are women and children this year."

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