EA is destroying the original brand with the new EA desktop app

According to a report by GamesBeat, Electronic Arts is ditching the original name for something new: EA to replace it with a new desktop app (called EA Desktop) and “double down” with EA Play branding Is planned.

EA describes its new app as the “next generation PC gaming platform”. Using the EA desktop app, players can subscribe to EA’s game’s subscription services, EA Play and EA Play Pro – the publisher’s recent rebrand of the EA Access service. Players can download these games on their PCs and play them as long as they take the subscription.

With this rebrand and relaunch, EA will eliminate the original name from its suite of products. EA Senior Vice President Michael Blanc told GamesBeat that the new EA desktop app would be faster than Originals, and would allow players to more easily engage with their games. Origins, which debuted in 2011, has a reputation for being slow and cumbersome as a platform, which could be a factor in the overhaul of EA.

The news comes just months after EA migrated its PC titles to Steam.

When the transfer occurs, players will maintain their EA original game license and friends list on the EA desktop app. It is currently unclear when EA will terminate Origin for good, and EA will transition to the desktop.

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