EA is already talking about new features for Madden NFL 22

EA Sports has published a new blog post about Madden appearing in NFL 22. That is not a typo. Even before the release of Madden NFL 21, the developer has begun discussing some of its plans for next year’s game as part of a new level of transparency in the studio.

Producer Sean Grady said in a blog post that, while Madden is “still too soon” for NFL 22, the development team is already making plans for the areas they want to focus on.

Along with Cadet that Madden NFL 22 is only in pre-production, Grady outlined a few areas that EA Sports could address, but is certainly not committed to yet.

These areas include:

  • Coaching and Staff Management
  • Scouting fixes
  • New scenario engine enhancements
  • New Team Chemistry System
  • Commissioner tools improvements
  • More Content – Examples: Rehabilitation / Branding Assets for Franchise – New Careers, Names and Logos and Transfer Options for More Diversity and Deep Career Deepening.

Madden will be the “other major addition” to NFL 22 that EA will announce later, Grady said.

On a more immediate horizon, Grady gave an overview of post-launch support for Madden NFL 21, though again, he said these items are subject to change. The list includes such things as basic player tuning, a refreshment of the broadcast package for the playoffs and the Super Bowl, better UI for career status and new commissioner tools to give players the ability to make other transactions and undo trades She does.

MADDEN NFL 21 – Post Launch Support

  • Tuning – Improved progress and regression of players. Improve future core player progress such as X-Factor for older players and other abilities that work well with incoming rookie classes.
  • Aye personnel Management – AI will make better decisions of team management in draft, free agency and trades.
  • PLAYOFF and the Super Bowl Submission – Improve and refresh.
  • X-Factor / Superstar Qualification Optimization – Introduce the ability to customize X-Factor and abilities on all players, allowing you to customize your roster as you see fit.
  • Career State UI – Improved UI showing historical player performance. More immersion and depth as players advance in your franchise.
  • Business logic – More loyalty, depth and authenticity.
  • Retirement UI – Better insight into retirement each season to allow players to react / manage.
  • PLAYOFFS update – Add an authentic playoff bracket screen to see who’s who, who won and who’s next.

In a blog post, Grady also addressed some of the concerns people have expressed about the lack of a franchise mode for Madden NFL 21. He said that EA Sports would “devote a high percentage of team bandwidth” towards developing new franchise features for Madden NFL 21 and Madden NFL 22.

Grady said, “We are fans of passionate franchises just like you and we are raising the voices of some of our most passionate franchises to pursue the creative path.”

Finally, Grady reported that EA Madden treats the NFL series as a “true live service” that grows and develops over time with new content and features.

“The game you buy on launch day is the beginning of the annual Madden NFL 21 journey,” Grady said. “We are committed to providing meaningful change to the game throughout the year. At Madden NFL 21, we will expand our dedicated live service team to allow more focused delivery of franchise improvements based on our feedback, while developing it Will continue to do. Extensive play for our broad cross-section of Madden fans. “

Currently, Grady said that EA plans to launch a “two or three” title update for Madden NFL 21 in the coming months after launch.

In other news, EA Sports has confirmed that it is making a last-minute change to Madden NFL 21 to remove the Washington Redskins, after the real-world sports team dropped the name, which was widely cited for being racist Was criticized from. The game will be updated with a common Washington team and logo until the actual sports group decides and announces a new name.

Madden NFL 21 is coming on August 28 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It will also come on the next generation PS5 and Xbox Series X, a free upgrade for current-gen owners through EA’s dual-entry program. For more information, see our Madden NFL 21 pre-order guide.

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