Duty of Modern Warfare Knife Throwing ends with the most satisfying murder you’ll see this week

By Dom Peppiet, Sunday, 13 September 2020 16:50 GMT

Sometimes, throwing the obscure knife into the air gives hope that it hits an enemy player that you’ve got.

Most of the time – maybe 99% of the time for your average call of Duty Modern Warfare Player – That knife will fall to the ground, useless and lost.

For Reddit user TruceBrian, however, it ended entirely.

Random Throwing Knife Game Winner from R / Modern

As you can see in the video above, a knife plunged into the air in an attempt to win the final, almost fell with divine precision, fell right down on an enemy that was lining up to shoot.

Better yet, the knife’s impeccable arc not only killed Trusbrian – it won the COD player the entire match. beautiful.

Looks like it appears to be a feat manned by bots in the gun game lobby, but it is still an incredibly clever performance.

If you are eager to achieve such physics-defying in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, it is probably better to practice with the Tomahawks; They are easy to retrieve and you can track their arc better when you fly in the air. This will allow you to improve your future throws.

If you want to draw something like this, you still need patience, luck and a good dose of skill.

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