Dutch king cut short holiday in Greece after criticism

In a statement published late Friday night by the Royal House, Willem-Alexander and his wife Queen Maxima said, “We see people’s reactions to reporting in the media.”

“We want to leave no doubt that it is necessary to follow the guidelines to bring the COVID-19 virus under control. Discussion on our leave is not contributing to it.”

However, the king’s holiday in Greece did not break any of the Netherlands’ lockdown rules, including new restrictions this week with one of Europe’s biggest coronovirus outbreaks, with the government discouraging unnecessary travel.

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ANP news agency quoted D-66 party lawmaker Jost Sneller as saying, “It is unwise and unwise, one of the coalition’s allies in Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s governing coalition.”

Rutte, in a written address on Tuesday, urged the nation not to “test the limits of the rules.”

“You can go on vacation, but then go to the place where you have booked your hut or hotel room and don’t go for a walk,” the Prime Minister said. “If you go abroad – your options are limited because there are some countries that want us more now.”

Willem-Alexander, who has a private villa in southern Greece, travels by government jet, ANP reported.

The Netherlands reported a record 8,000 new coronavirus cases on Friday.

Willem-Alexander and his wife, Queen Maxima, issued an apology after a holiday in Greece in August, after a photo was published showing them breaking social away guidelines on the island of Milos.


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