During 2000, the former Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice warned Trump ‘a serious and real threat to democracy’

Charles Wells wrote in a letter, “I put my thoughts here because I am forced to believe that our country and thus our children and grandchildren, the kind of representative democracy we experience in our lives , There is a serious threat to that. ” Friends were sent this weekend and provided to CNN. “I do not believe that we have been seriously endangered during our lives.”

Wells gave George W. Served in the Florida Supreme Court during the replay of the 2000 election between Bush and Al Gore and retired in 2009. He noted that although he was appointed by the Democratic Government in the state’s Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of Florida gave a majority opinion that it was essentially in favor of siding with the Bush campaign. His dissent was noted by the US Supreme Court by a majority that Recon was ultimately barred.
Wells said he believed only a significant victory of Joe Biden would prevent Trump from being successful in reducing the legitimacy of the election.

Wells wrote, “The only way I can see that this threat can be eradicated is to vote for Biden.” “It just won’t be enough to make Trump not vote. Any basis for any election can only be actually eliminated, the election is not close.”

Speaking to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “New Day” Monday, Wells said he worried that this year’s election might be contested more than in 2000.

“This thing bothers me that Trump loses the election, Trump loses the election,” Wells said, adding, “We’re counting people who are voting and counting votes fast.”
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In recent weeks, Democrats have prepared for legal challenges in the event of Trump’s election results. They pose for a wide range of scenarios, covering everything from Trump trying to deploy federal law enforcement officials to elections, overthrowing a state’s popular vote in Republican state legislatures, Trump’s election Announced victory on the night of when there are still millions of mail-in ballots. To be counted.

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