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Duke remains unanimous n. ° 1, Notre Dame passes to n. ° 9 – CollegeBasketballTalk



It's time to give this child the credit he owes him.

Let me expose the statistics, because they speak for themselves: Mathias averages 15.5 points, a team 4.9 badists high and 4.5 together while shooting 53.7 percent from three and posting an offensive rating of 146.7 extremely ridiculous. He is turning the ball a little more than once per game. Their firing divisions are currently 59 percent of two, 53.7 percent of three and 81.5 percent of the line. Generally considered elite when a player's shot is divided into up to 180; Mathias is approaching the 200 club.

But that's not all he's doing for this Purdue team.

Mathias is also Purdue's best perimeter defender. He can be the best perimeter defender of all the Big Ten, and there are only a handful of players in the country who are better than him on that side of the ball. Carsen Edwards appears in the headlines because he is the guy with the ball in his hands and Purdue's top scorer. Vincent Edwards receives the publicity because he is the prospect of the NBA. Isaac Haas draws attention because he measures 7 feet 3 inches and is the basketball version of Mr. Incredible.

Mathias, however, is not only the best Purdue player, but he is currently on the short list of Big Ten Player of the Year and in the mix to be named an All-American at the end of the season . Eventually, their numbers of shots and efficiency will go back to the average, and when they do, be sure to remember how good, valuable and important it is for Boilermakers when their statistics no longer jump off the page in the same way they do now.


I really do not have a strong opinion about the looting after the Crosstown Shootout game this weekend. (For a recap of all the events, go here)

J.P. Macura does what he always does: he spent 40 minutes trying to get under the skin of the players and coaches of Cincinnati, and he did it. I probably should not be talking to a technical counterpart, and I certainly should not be telling that coaching staff to "fire", as Mick Cronin claims, but it is what it is.

Cronin is certainly in error to persecute Macura, but he is also a human being. There are so many times that another adult – and Macura is an adult after all – can tell a person to "stop" before that person reacts, and if you've never wanted to fight against JP Macura you probably will never have played basketball again JP Macura.

Chris Mack should probably reprimand Macura in some way, but if you thought that, after a rival coach broke his player in the media, he was going to do something other than attend that press conference and defend his boy, then you're crazy.

But here is the most important point: This was all harmless. It was also what makes the Xavier-Cincinnati rivalry so great. These two programs despise [a among themselves. They play a game once a year that is essentially meaningless beyond earning the bragging rights in a city where campuses are less than three miles away. The fight is always going to be the memory we have of this rivalry, and it was certainly a bad image for everyone involved, but playing games of rivalry with the kind of intensity that could lead to a fight is a good thing.

Everything about the Crosstown Shootout this weekend was a fantastic theater.

If someone said Kansas and Missouri, or Kansas and Wichita State, or Wichita State and Creighton, or Georgetown and Maryland, or Duke and Maryland, or UConn and Providence, or … sigh.


I'm really not sure how much more definitive I can be about this.

In an era where length, positional versatility and space floor advocates have become some of the most important and valuable pieces of an NBA payroll, Mikal Bridges is one of the few people in basketball university this season that controls all those boxes. He measures 6 feet 7 with a wingspan of 7 feet 1. He is shooting 50 percent of three while attempting more than five three per game. He is a defensive player, averages 1.4 blocks and 2.5 steals, which can defend guards, wings and small balls. He is averaging almost 18 points.

In a draft clbad without many players in that position, how many NBA teams will be able to bypbad a player who can do those things while playing that position?

Think about it like this: the way basketball is trending, the alignments look something like this:

  1. Point guard
  2. smaller wing
  3. normal wing
  4. big wing
  5. Center [19659024] Bridges can play three of those positions, and based on the first results of this season, you can probably play them pretty well at the NBA level.

    Mikal Bridges (Mitchell Leff / Getty Images)

    4. THREE UP

    • GEORGIA : The Bulldogs have quietly put together an excellent start to the 2017-18 season. They now have a 6-1 record and can claim a road victory at Marquette and a neutral court victory over Saint Mary & # 39; s. Their only loss to date was against a San Diego State team that will be in the mix on top of Mountain West this season. Given the losses that both have had in recent times, the Bulldogs will probably need to beat both Georgia Tech and Temple at home, but they are putting together a non-conference list that will lead them to the conversation about the bubble.
    • TENNESSEE : Speaking of the SEC and the bubble talk, Tennessee is playing as an NCAA tournament team. They have beaten Purdue. They have beaten N.C. State. They won at Georgia Tech. Their only loss of the season was by nine points against No. 4 Villanova. They are in the conversation of the top 25 at this time. A confrontation on December 17 with the number 13 in North Carolina will be a good game of meters.
    • VIRGINIA TECH : Has there been a stranger loss this season than the fall of the Hokies in Saint Louis? The Billikens have fallen off a cliff since then, crowned by a 30-point loss to Butler, while the Buzz Williams club has been seen as part of a team of the top 25 in all the games they have played this season. On Saturday, they came from 16 down to win Ole Miss in overtime.


    • LOUISVILLE : Maybe, just maybe, losing one of the best coaches in sports history has hurt Louisville. The Cardinals not only achieved an advantage at Purdue during the ACC / Big Ten Challenge, but they continued to lose at home to Seton Hall on Sunday. With the rest of his calendar out of the conference, doubtful – Indiana and Memphis and not much else – the Cards are getting behind the 8-ball.
    • USC : The Trojans took their second straight double – Loss of digits on Saturday night. One was for Texas A & M. The other was for SMU. Maybe stop playing Texas teams? Anyway, we delve into USC in this week's podcast. Try it here.
    • UCONN : Another topic that we covered in this week's podcast was UConn. After a beating at the hands of Arkansas, Columbia and Monmouth quickly took UConn to overtime at home. At what time is it time for UConn to start again?
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