‘Duel dinosaur’ fossils donated to North Carolina Museum

Raleights, NC (AP) – The fossilized skeletons of two dinosaurs, which look like an ultimate death match, have been donated to the North Carolina Museum.

The nonprofit organization Friends of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences said in a statement on Tuesday that it acquired fossil animals from private funds. The skeletons will be gifted to the vertebrate paleontology collection of the Raleigh Museum.

Tyrannosaurus rex and Triratops horridus, known as duel dinosaurs, were buried together 67 million years ago.

Their fossils were discovered on a Montana hill and remained entangled within the sediment where they were found. The nonprofit said the separate Conservation Museum will give paleontologists an unprecedented opportunity for research and education.

The skeletons are worth millions of dollars and were the subject of a court battle over their discovery in 2006. In June, a US court ruled The fossils belong to the owners of land surface rights, not the owners of mineral rights.


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