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Duel demonstrations take place outside the Pennsylvania counting site

Duel demonstrations took place outside the Philadelphia Convention Center on Thursday, where state votes are being counted as officials say the state vote is nearing completion.

Performances come one after another “Stop counting “ The protests appeared in Detroit on Wednesday and an anti-Trump group – Republicans for the Rule of Law – launched more than 100 billboards in Pennsylvania, calling on officials.Count every vote. ”

In footage of demonstrations, dozens of protesters in support President TrumpDonald John Trumpides tried to stop Trump in hopes of attacking McCain: Arizona officials warn that vote count may be delayed, leading to flood of dissolution New Trump campaign lawsuits late Reaching Georgia Mail Ballot Goals Crowds can be seen directly outside the convention center holding Trump-Pence flags and signs. In front of him, counter-protesters supporting the Democratic candidate Joe BidenJoe BidenAides Tries to Get Trump to Stop Trump from Attacking McCain: Reported by Arizona Reporting Rihanna Tells Executives to Target Georgia Mail Votes Late in New Trump Campaign Trial Count the day ‘Every Vote’: ‘Wait more’ Can be seen advocating for continuing voting.

Other footage shared by Vice News’s Twitter shows protests from protesters on both sides. Neither any rallies appeared to be violent.

The keystone state still has the ballot counting going on, and the president currently has a slight edge over Biden in vote totals in the state. Biden has closed the gap in the form of mail-in votes and continues to have votes in heavily Democratic counties.

No projected winners have been announced in the state until Thursday afternoon.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Bokover said Thursday that “overwhelming majority“Ballots will be counted until the end of the day, which can give a clear picture of who will win the most important swing state on the electoral map.

At this point, the president cannot win a reunion without the state.

“It looks like we’ll have an overwhelming majority counted to date,” she said.

Trump campaign on Wednesday filed a lawsuit Stopping the ongoing counting of votes in Pennsylvania amid a multi-level legal battle not to count votes on election days. Pennsylvania Government Tom wolfTom Wolfpensylvania governor called for Trump campaign lawsuits to prevent ballots from being counted ‘wrongly’. Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor says Trump is ‘no different from any other random internet troll’ where things are in an uncontrolled state (D) The lawsuit is called “just wrong”.

“It goes against the most fundamental principles of our democracy. “It takes away the right of every American citizen to vote and to elect their leaders,” Wolf said during a press conference Wednesday evening. “Our election officials at the state and local level should be free to do their work without fear, without fear, without attacks. These attempts to reverse the democratic process are simply outrageous. “

The campaign was granted a legal victory on Thursday, with a court giving it more passage to see the vote count. Philadelphia County Election Board holds Appealed the decision For the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

According to The Associated Press, Biden has already captured 264 electoral votes against Trump’s 214. A win in Pennsylvania would give Biden the White House.


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