Due to strong winds towards the west, wild fires can occur wildly.

Nearly all the dozen people reported missing one after another Devastating explosion in southern oregon Officials said over the weekend Party members overcome forest fire That has led to at least 35 casualties from California to Washington state.

Flames up and down the West Coast have destroyed the neighborhood, but nothing but debris and debris-burning cars forced tens of thousands of people to flee and smoke a shroud that sent Seattle, San Has given something to Francisco and Portland, Oregon. Worst air quality in the world.

The smoke fills the air with a pungent metallic smell like pennies and spreads to the surrounding states. Being difficult to breathe, it helped firefighters to prevent sunlight and cool the weather as they tried to handle slow-moving blazes at some locations.

But the warning of low humidity and strong winds that could fan the flames increased readiness in war. The so-called red flag warning spread from hard-hit southern Oregon to northern California and spread through Monday evening.

West wildfire
Shayne Summers topped her dog, wrapped in blankets, after several days of being in a tent at an evacuation center at the Milwaukee-Portland Elks Lodge in Oak Grove, Oregon on Sunday, September 13, 2020.

John Locher / AP

Lexi Soulios, her husband and son feared they would have to evacuate for the second time due to the weather. He left his small southern Oregon town of Talent last week when he saw “a big, deep smoke emanating,” then the odds of the past left Friday to take him through the sacred ruins of his home.

Although he is living south in Ashland, known for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, he said by text message that the forecast could mean they could move again.

“So it’s not finished yet, but we had the car checked so that we feel ready,” Lexie Soulios wrote.

Last week, officials said 50 people could go missing after a wildfire in the Ashland area. But Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said late Saturday that four people had died in the explosion and that the number of missing had dropped to one.

At least 10 people have died across Oregon in the past week. Authorities have said more people are missing from other fires, and the death toll is likely to rise, although they have not revealed how high the toll can be raised as they search. In California, 24 people have died and one is in Washington state. Thousands of houses and other buildings were burnt.

Oregon wildfires
A paddle boarder travels to the banks of the Villemet River in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, September 12, 2020.

Nathan Howard / Getty Images

Barbara Rose Bettison, 25, left her farm among Eagle Creek trees and fields outside of Portland when a sheriff’s deputy knocked on her door Tuesday. They walked down a road that became an ominous dividing line, filled with blue skies in one side and black and brown smoke in the other.

He took refuge in an Elks Lodge near Portland, where the evacuees wrapped themselves in blankets and set up tents back.

“It’s terrible. We don’t have any form of natural disaster,” she said.

A UPS driver, Bettison was able to hang out with his chickens, rabbits and cats. She hasn’t returned, but neighbors say it’s so much smoke that they can’t see their hands in front of their faces.

“I hope there is not too much damage because it will break my heart,” she said.

Farther south in the town of Talent, Dave Monroe arrives at his dilapidated house, hoping to find his three cats.

“We thought we would leave without any fire this summer,” he said. “Something’s going on, that’s for sure, man. Every summer we’re burning.”

In recent years, many studies have linked large wild animals in America. Global temperature By burning coal, oil and gas.

Democratic governors of the three states say the fire is the result of climate change, targeting President Trump Ahead of their Monday trip To California for a fire briefing.

“It is very disappointing right now that when we have this cosmic challenge to our communities, all over the West Coast of the United States, to deny the president that these are not just wildfires, these climate Are on fire, “Governor Jay Inslee called ABC’s” This Week “on Sunday.

On a Rally in nevada, Mr. Trump blamed inadequate forest management, which was echoed by White House adviser Peter Navarro on CNN’s “State of the Union”, noting that in California for years, “particularly because of budget cuts , We had no inclination to manage our forests. ”

Firefighter Steve McAdoo went from a bang to another in Oregon for six days, noticing that the buildings burn and the trees glow like candles.

“We lost track of time because you can’t see the sun and you have been for so many days.” “Forty-to-72 hours nonstop, you feel like you’re in a dream.”

When he and his team won, McAdoo was concerned about his wife and daughter just a few miles away from home. They evacuated safely, but at times he could communicate with them only in a one-word text message: “Busy.”

McAdoo and other firefighters got their first real break on Sunday to show off their tools, shave and examine them. And although it is a pale shadow of his normal self, he can finally see the sun.

He said, “It is good to see at least the dot in the sky today.”

Meanwhile, Oregon’s fire marshal, who resigned after being placed on leave amid a personnel investigation, says he was trying to help a colleague and “did nothing wrong.”

Jim Walker told CBS-affiliated Coin-TV in Portland that state police leaders discharged him after trying to help a co-worker whose family was missing in a fire zone, saying his superiors decided Did that he abdicated his authority.