Dubai convicted for virus cases abroad; Questions revolve at home

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) – Following the revelations of the New Year itself, Dubai is now being blamed by many countries for spreading coronovirus abroad, even for handling record spikes in virus cases Questions revolve about the capacity of the city-state.

The government’s Dubai media office says the Shekhamandal is doing all it can to handle the epidemic, although it has repeatedly refused to answer questions from The Associated Press about its hospital capacity.

“After a year of managing the epidemic, we can say with confidence that the current situation is under control and we plan to increase any capacity in the health care system.”

However, Dubai’s former finance chief Nasir al-Sheikh on Thursday offered a separate assessment on Twitter and asked officials to take control of the spiraling caseload.

“The leadership misjudges its decision on team recommendations, wrong recommendations that endanger human souls and negatively affect our society,” he wrote, “Our economy needs accountability. “

Dubai, long known for the world’s tallest building and its beaches and bars long known carrier Emirates, became one of the first travel destinations to describe itself as open for business in July.. The move stopped the bleeding of its important tourism and real estate sectors following lockdowns and curfews.

As tourism resumed, the number of reported coronavirus cases per day increased slowly, but remained mostly constant during the fall.

But then came New Year’s Eve – a major draw for travelers from countries otherwise closing the virus that made faces without masks in bars and yachts. For the past 17 days, the UAE has recorded a record daily coronavirus case number as testing facilities in Dubai grow.

In Israel, more than 900 passengers returning from Dubai have been infected with coronovirus, according to the military, which conducts contact tracing. The Israeli military told the AP that the returners made a series of infections numbering more than 4,000 people.

Thousands of Israelis have fled to the United Arab Emirates since the relationship between the two countries returned to normal in September. Specialists of the Israeli Ministry of Health, Drs. Sharon Alloy-Preuss was cited by Channel 13 TV as a complaint with other officials that the visit of a few weeks was more fatal than decades of ties with the Arab nation.

Since late December, Israel has required those coming from the UAE to go into quarantine for two weeks. Israel later closed its main international airport at the end of the month over escalating cases.

In the United Kingdom, tabloids have cracked shots of bikini-clad British influencers partying in Dubai, while the country was trying to control the virus through lockdown. Britain closed a travel corridor to Dubai in mid-January, which described a significant acceleration in the number of cases of passengers imported from the UAE.

“International travel should not take place now,” Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the BBC this week. “There are no parties in Dubai or on weekends. It is not and in most cases, it is against the law.”

Meanwhile, mutated strains of coronavirus have been linked back to Dubai. The UK imposed a travel ban on Friday, banning direct flights to the United Arab Emirates for the spread of the South African version of the coronovirus.

Denmark has already discovered a passenger arriving from Dubai, who tested positive for the South African version, the first discovery there. Like Britain, Danish celebrities also travel to Dubai for the new year.

In the Philippines, health officials say they discovered a British strain infecting a Filipino, who made a business trip to Dubai on 27 December. He returned to the Philippines on 7 January and tested positive.

“There was no risk of a confirmed case before he moved to Dubai,” the health department of the Philippines said. Since that time, Filipino authorities have discovered at least 16 other cases of the British version, including two coming from Lebanon.

As close to 4,000 daily coronovirus cases are reported, Dubai has fired the head of its government health agency without explanation. It stopped entertainment, Stopped non-surgical surgery, limited the size of the wedding and ordered to increase the space among those working in the gym. It now requires coronovirus testing for all people flying in its airport.

The UAE had raised its hopes on mass vaccination, with Pfizer-Bayonetech inoculation being offered by Abu Dhabi distributing the Sinopharm and the Chinese vaccine by Dubai. The UAE says it has so far delivered 2.8 million doses, ranking it among the top countries in the world.

However, people including al-Sheikh now question Dubai’s ability to handle growing cases. Hospitals contacted by the AP largely referred back to questions from Dubai’s government, which repeatedly declined to comment. Saudi German Hospital in Dubai responded that it was “hoping to read the real news”, without elaborating.

Medical Director of NMC Royal Hospital, Dubai, Dr. Santosh Kumar Sharma described the AP as “the number of cases (ever rising)” with more than half the beds occupied by coronovirus patients.

The World Health Organization stated that prior to the epidemic, the UAE had approximately 13,250 hospital beds for a country of over 9 million people. It states that the northern rich of Dubai and UAE have built field hospitals due to the epidemic with 5,000 beds along with the Abu Dhabi building.

But Dubai closed its 3,000-bed field hospital in July – the same day it reopened for tourism. Both Dubai and the UAE Ministry of Health now advertise for nurses on Instagram.

Al-Sheikh wrote, “The sad thing is that since January 2020 a lot of effort has been made to come to us and reduce them with our own hands.” “What makes things worse is lack of transparency.”

Subsequently, the autocratic government of the UAE told those earlier this week that it “should avoid questioning the efforts of all those who have worked to stop the epidemic.”


Joseph Federman, author of The Associated Press in Jerusalem and Isabel Debre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates contributed to this report.


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