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Drinking more than 14 units of alcohol per week can cause skin problems, says a study


New Delhi: The discourse on the negative effects of alcohol on health is a long-term and endless problem, in which its negative effects far outweigh the positive ones.

Despite the numerous warnings about its lethal effects, there are those who love to enjoy the daily consumption of their favorite poisons.

While previous studies have shown that alcohol consumption is more harmful to women, a new study has linked excessive alcohol consumption with skin problems.

According to the study, drinking can affect the skin and also worsen pre-existing skin conditions. You can leave him vulnerable to skin problems that pose a risk to his health, reports Express.co.uk.

The consumption of more than 14 units of alcohol causes toxicity and immediate damage to the facial skin of the woman that is visible the next morning, the research said. Fourteen units are considered healthy for the average weekly alcohol limit of women.

Scientists discovered that although the hangover may disappear after 24 hours, the skin effects of a 40-year-old woman may last for 28 days.

Women recover more quickly, but aging of the skin in people of 20 years still lasts a couple of weeks. For men, their skin is able to cope with the effects faster, but it can still take at least a week to recover.

More symptoms of excessive alcohol consumption include dark circles and swelling around the eyes, dehydration on the forehead, chin and lips causing lines and wrinkles.

However, alcoholism is more than just a skin problem in India. Already overwhelmed by problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular health problems, India also faces a serious problem of alcohol addiction.

Although traditional Indian culture calls for abstinence from alcoholism, reality shows a completely different picture. Alcoholism is a serious problem that not only affects health but also ruins livelihoods.

In India, rampant alcoholism is already creating problems for the country. The majority of the population prefers heavy drinks instead of lighter ones, such as beer.

According to a study published in The Lancet, more than half of those who consume alcohol fall into the category of "dangerous consumption". [19659002] (With ANI entries)

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