Drew Locke’s shoulders say ‘he feels good’

Against formidable rivals like Bill Belich and the New England Patriots, which quarterback gives the Denver Broncos the best chance to win? Drew Lock or Brett Ripian?

If you answered ‘lock’, you’re sharing a brain with the Broncos – from GM John Elway to head coach Vic Fangio. On Friday, Coach Fangio openly admitted that if Lock was healthy, he would play. There is no other factor, such as choosing Perfect Week to bring him back into the lineup.

“Yes, I see it more along those lines,” Fangio said.

However, the question remains whether Locke’s injured throwing shoulder is healed. Since this is his throwing shoulder, there is a good chance that it will never return to 100% during the season. Only sustained rest and recovery are likely to bridge the gap completely.

But can the lock be thrown without pain and without additional damage or risk? This is the million-dollar question.

In his conversation with the team site’s Phil Milani on Thursday, Elway said that Locke’s, “shoulders say he feels well.”

The full Alway quote gives fans an idea of ​​how eager the Broncos are to get the lock back in the lineup and even presents an optimistic tonsillity that could hint at a Week 5 return.

“Well, the important thing is, we’ve got to make sure he’s healthy,” Elway told Milani. “I think, obviously, when you hurt it, you’ve got confidence back. Not throwing up for a week, obviously, or two weeks – though it’s been a long time – you get your touch, your accuracy. K loses something and therefore not as fast as you were. He has to throw a little bit to get back. His shoulder says that he is feeling good. He’s going to practice a little bit today, so we’ll see that this How it happens. Think, it’s so different than the right shoulder [it] Left shoulder, especially being the thrower. But he will get that confidence back. Hopefully he will make it this week, but if not, we are eager to be against Miami. “

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If the Broncos have made a decision on which QB will start in Week 5, the team has yet to make it public. And why did coach Fangio use New England to tell which signal-caller the Broncos would troll on Monday night?

“Not now,” Fangio said on Friday. “Drew did a little more practice yesterday. Obviously, we won’t be practicing today. We’ll see how he’s doing tomorrow, it’s still open and in the air that will play on Monday night.”

There are two ways of looking at it; Either Fangio is keeping it “open” because the Broncos are genuinely optimistic, based on how Locke is feeling and how he is practicing on a limited basis that he would be good to go to on Monday evening. Or, on the contrary, Fangio is keeping it “open” as a small gameman to keep Bellistic and company off-balance, hoping to finally play Rypien.

Whatever it is, it’s important to remember that Denver chose No To lock on injured reserve – which would have kept him out of at least three games (weeks 3, 4, and 5) – for a reason. that reason? The Broncos felt, based on the relative severity of their injury, that there was a good chance to return for Week 5 in New England.

And here we are.

With the game being pushed back from Sunday to Monday, it only widens the lock opportunity so that it feels closer to 100% and gives the team an extra day to prepare to start. From 10,000 feet, it appears as if Rypien is going to start his second straight game, especially given how the Broncos made Lock’s return to the field last year as he was on IR for a full month Came back healthy and recovering from his thumb sprain.

I hope Elway and Fangio learn from that misscall as the Broncos activated IR in Week 9 (when he * qualified * again, he was healthy *), maybe the Broncos are not a 20-point updown Do it The leadership in Minnesota may and may be just that, they will be able to compete in Buffalo and squeeze a win. If the outcome of the Bills game was unchanged, then, the loss to Minnesota could have been taken into the jungle, perhaps, if the Broncos had pulled the trigger on the lock on the first opportunity to do so, which, again, was the week. Was at 9.

Back to the present. Analyzing what the Broncos are doing, what they are saying, and my intuition tells me that Locke is going to play on Monday. I can be wrong But the time to wait until the ‘ideal’ matchup, which some say is over at home vs. Miami next week.

Tala is not a crook. And the Broncos could ill afford their most important player in the lineup to turn the dice on arguably the second conference game. If this team wants to keep its postman’s expectations alive while it still can.

So, again, accepting that Locke’s shoulder may never return to 100% during the season, if he can throw without pain or risk taking the injury right now, his 1 -3 Based on a start, the Broncos may have no choice but to let him play and chips fall where they may. At least around this time, he has an experienced, capable authority to protect Locke and keep him upright.

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