Drew Locke finally ‘clicks’ on Moment Pat Shurmur’s new crime.

For Denver Broncos fans, who were not allowed to attend training camp at UC Health Training Center this summer, the general discussion about QB Drew Lock was positive. in the beginning. That is, it was positive until the Broncos’ first stadium cleanup two weeks ago.

Locke struggled vigorously in that scrimmage at Empower Field in Mile High, though he was not helped much by his supporting cast as the Broncos’ receivers and tight ends came down with a case of ‘dropsy’. The investigation was on Friday, and after a day in which Locke certainly studied the tape with his offensive coaches, all eyes were on whether the second-year QB would bounce back on Sunday.

This did not happen, as Locke and Company’s struggle against Vik Fangio’s defense continued. The ensuing week or so saw the lock fight back and by the time the Broncos cleaned up their second and last stadium before the final roster cut-down, the young signal-caller was firing on all cylinders.

“I think it happened two days before that scuffle,” Locke said Wednesday as the Broncos prepare to host the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football. “There’s never really a moment – there’s just a single moment where it clicks, and you don’t understand why. I felt like I’m going into the scrimmage that I knew every single play of the ball. Where to go with. I just had some confidence in myself. We came out, people around me made plays and we just clicked as a crime. “

It was a welcome development for fans, who started flashing their hands at Locke’s sudden training camp slump. However, given that he was asked by the team to learn a completely new offensive system in his first full season as a starter, fans were probably anticipating some inconsistencies in the camp.

But as Locke said, suddenly, offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur’s new plan “clicked” and he was able to play independently and without thinking where he was going with the ball. The more the QB has to think, the more his brainpower is being tried to remember play design, hot reads, and protection, the more he is going to slow down his play. Just like when your laptop is overloaded and RAM is maximized, everything slows down.

It is encouraging to hear from Locke himself that it all clicked for him and fell into place. Their offensive coordinator would seem to agree.

On Friday, Coach Shurmur has talked about the progress he has made under his plan this summer and a secret asset that may have helped microwave the QB’s development against the NFL defense starting Monday. Getting ready to hit.

“I think they have made a lot of progress,” Shurmur said on Friday. Running parallel with being young and being a second-year player was learning a new offense and getting used to many new skill players. When you have three new receivers working that are crooks – and in fact, for the most part, with only two [WR KJ] To use how we operate, along with being a helmer-out. The good thing for us is that our rescue is challenging. It is a very big thing to be challenged in a practice setting, especially with the missing pregame game. “

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Going against elite-level defensive competition in training camp can either have a galvanizing effect on young quarterbacks, or it can be a hindrance to your development. Just ask Trevor Siemian, who was never going to benefit in the long run from going against the Broncos’ haunted defense at training camp. Instead he was dressed in a nub confidence-wise and washed out on the field.

But if Shurmur’s hump is right and Tala has already gone through refiner fire in training camp, and emerged victorious, he’ll be better acclaimed for NFL-caliber opponents he’ll face this fall. I am inclined to take the term Shurmur for it, knowing the history and character of Locke.

As a cheater last year, Locke went through a brutal as he assimilated the NFL, while competing against the best-laid designs of Fangio and Ed Donatell. After stubbing his throwing thumb, Locke went into a 13-week exile, where instead of drifting away in bitter disappointment, he doubled his efforts (literally).

By the time he debuted in Week 13 with the start of his first career, it was clear that he was not the same player we saw in the Broncos’ third preseason game four months ago when he injured his thumb against San Francisco did. If he can take a quantum leap forward in that unique and highly formidable situation, then it is not a stretch to accept that he handles the adversity of his second training camp with aplomb.

Now, Von Miller has lost for the season and as Lock 1’s goal 1 status is in the air for Week 1, the pressure seems to be mounting. Are Lock’s shoulders wide enough at this young age to lift weights? The answer depends on one’s point of view.

On Wednesday, Locke said, “I can’t put extra pressure on myself.” It really comes down to this whole team making another play because Vaughn is not there to make that play. Then whether I do some other drama or [WR] Courtland [Sutton] Make a couple more plays, or [RBs] Melvin [Gordon] Ya phil [Lindsay] or [TE] Noah [Fant]. It is going to come down to us playing at that ‘A’ level, but playing at the ‘A +’ level. You just have to take it a step further. “

This is an encouraging point about Locke’s second year. He will not have to carry the burden on the crime himself. With Phillip Lindsay and Melvin Gordon behind him, Courtland Sutton, Jerry Zeudy, and Noa Funt, Locke has a supporting cast to improve the offense shot in the law of averages.

If Locke stops for a rocky start to a game, but Lindsay, or Gordon, or Fantastic, or Sutton, or Jaydee, rocket out of the gates with an “A +” performance, then this one for the Broncos The passing grade should result in ‘offense. At the end of the day, though, if Locke is who the Broncos believe he is, he will be more often than not a difference-maker.

After all, a franchise quarterback supposedly picks up all ships. If Locke’s Whitewith as a quarterback can float the offense’s boat, the Broncos will have a force to rejoin.

“We ended up rolling and we all got on the same page at the same time,” Locke said of the Broncos’ final stadium scrimmage. “That’s what you look for in an offense. When you’re putting the game together, you want that defense, as well as at the same time. When you both make traps and roll on the same day, it’s Is when it becomes beautiful. ” good. I think that’s what we did. We are all on the same page and have rolled over. “

Only time will tell what is waiting for the lock. For now, Broncos Country should take heart in knowing that Locke ceased his training camp work with a bang and now enters the season-opener in the true sense, with NFL veteran coaches like Shurmur and Q.C. The coach is coach Mike Shula. And an armory with weapons.

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