Drew Lock ‘Proud’ to listen to Andy Reid for his play as an NFL QB

With the Denver Broncos on deck to host Kansas City heads, head coach Andy Reid made himself available via conference call Wednesday. What Coach Reid had to say about Broncos’ QB Drew Lock raised some eyebrows around the NFL.

“Some people just play big. He’s big, but he plays big in the pocket. “ Reid told reporters on Wednesday. “She’s not Flinchy at all. She’s got a nice touch. Seems like she has a good sense of what they’re asking her to do. And the beautiful thing is she’s getting better over time.”

Frankly, Reid likes what he has seen from Locke thus, purely as a quarterback connoisseur. However, it would make sense for fans not to read too far into Reid’s comment as there is such a thing as ‘CoachSpec’ and flattery.

Reid’s words didn’t reach Locke’s ear, however. After Wednesday’s practice, Locke shared his reaction to what the Chief’s head coach had to say about him.

“Sayed Wednesday is any compliment from Andy Reid that you can take to the grave and be proud.”

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Locke’s father, Andy Locke, played for Reid at the University of Missouri in the late 1980s. I’m not sure how well Drew knows Coach Reid personally but he has heard a lot about the World Champion head coach from his daddy lips.

“My dad always talked to him a lot during his playing days,” Locke said of Reid. “He respects you everywhere in Kansas City that you go and he’s well respected in the NFL. He put together a great team last year that won the Super Bowl. As I said, any praise from him is very much. Great. “

Kudos locking to acting, like he has been here before. It will not fill up well if the young QB goes to shame and gets ‘astonished, shucks’ when asked about Reid’s praise.

Like a starting quarterback in the league, Locke took Reed’s remarks out loud and for what he deserved, the veteran coach paid tribute to his relationship with his father, and Reid’s long after Super Bowl ring Asked tear off his hat. The Broncos’ QB “Darth Vader” is more focused on being the villain and harasses chiefs in Missouri and their friends and family members who remain loyal to the Reds and Goulds.

With Sunday’s matchup shaping up yet another ice game, fans can be denied the opportunity to watch anything away from the aerial fireworks show. Locke’s first loss as a pro came in Kansas City on Weekend 15 last year, which fell in the cold and went 23-3 in the snow.

According to SportsBetting.com, the Chiefs favor 9.5 points. If the Locke and Broncos offense could lose the momentum built by defining the odds last week when the New England Patriots’ team was troubled 18-12, and the young QB got on the same page with his young receiver and offensive coordinator Can happen, anything can happen.

The Broncos are big-time home underdogs yet again. But you know what they say.

any given Sunday.

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