Drew Dressel of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ accused of child sex offenses

Federal prosecutors said he was arrested Tuesday after being accused of having sex with a New Jersey teenager girl for a year during the reigning NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior” contest.

According to a criminal complaint, the alleged victim came forward in June 2019, stating that she and Drew Drechel had sex several times in 2015, when she was 15 and she was 26 years old.

They first met and exchanged phone numbers in 2014, an event many “American Ninja Warrior” contestants complained about.

Court documents state that Drechel allegedly called the girl to her Hamden, Connecticut gym for the occasion of her 15th birthday, where the two had sex after leaving their girlfriend.

Kishore told his mother about it the next day. When the mother confronted Dretchell, she did not refuse to sleep with her child, but claimed that she did not know his age, the complaint states.

Over the next two years, the alleged victim stated that she and Dretchell had sex several times around New Jersey, including in the parking lot of a restaurant and outside a gym in Hansport, when he was between the ages of 15.

According to the complaint, the creep asked her often on Skype and placed several pornographic photos and videos of her on an old phone.

Drechsel, now 31 years old and a Florida resident, was charged with the manufacture of child pornography, with intent to cause a minor to travel for unlawful sexual conduct, engaging in illegal sexual conduct with a minor Traveling from and using interstate commerce to entice a minor.

His lawyer, Frank Riccico, said in a statement on Tuesday that Dretchell is pleading not guilty.

“Mr. Rixhow said, Dretchell is acquitted of the charges and that inference will remain in the entirety of his case.” He intends to file a ‘not guilty’ plea. ”

Dretchell – who won $ 1 million at the competition show – is awaiting a transfer to New Jersey after appearing in his preliminary court before a federal judge in Florida.


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