Drew Barrymore says that ‘Bridgerton’ inspired him to continue using dating apps

Drew Barrymore is among those fans wrapped up in Netflix’s latest hit, “Bridgon”.

The “50 First Dates” and “Ever After” stars invited Phoebe Dienever and Reege-Jean Page to their talk show to discuss period drama.

During his appearance on Friday, Barrymore reported that the show’s steamer scenes prompted the 45-year-old man to try his hand at dating apps once again.

The revelation came after television personality Ross Matthews, a superfan of the series, joined the show and thanked the 25-year-old, Page 31, and Page 31, “for making such a beautiful show, which is so modern, it seems.” Is that even if it is based now. ” Long ago and really to turn on our engine if you know what I mean. “

DREW BARRYMORE takes good stuff from a person’s hand on a DAT APP

“That’s true,” Barrymore replied. “I come back to a dating app during ‘Bridgerton’.”

He said: “I was like, ‘I’m not dead, I’m not dead!”

The actress, who recently talked about dating apps on her show, said getting back on such a stage was “a big step.”

During a recent episode of the show, the “ET the Extra-Terrestrial” actress revealed that she had met a man she met on the dating app.

DREW BARRYMORE stated that ‘in fact it does not do what it can’ to break up buildings that stretch before the West Coast.

Barrymore revealed, “I finally booked a date with a guy, and then he made me stand up while we were about to meet.” “I was like: ‘You can’t be a jerk an hour ago? Such a time saver would be.”

She said that standing by a dating app match is not “shocking” because it “happens all the time.”

Drew Barrymore revealed that after watching ‘Bridgerton’ on Netflix, he relaunched a dating app. (Photo by Dimitrios Camboris / Getty Image for Charlize Theron Outreach Project)

Dynevar previously addressed the show’s sex scenes in an interview with the Daily Star, even revealing that she watched the show with her mother – Sally Daenver – and her grandparents.

“I had to sit there and move fast on high alert with remote control,” the actress said of the intimate scenes. “We just managed about it.”

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During his time on “The Drew Barrymore Show”, Page also discussed how his family handled the scenes.

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He said he informs his family in a group chat about what to expect, leading the cousins ​​to make “strategic cups of tea” at the right time to avoid the scenes.

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