DrDisrespect YouTube stream goes live for the first time when she returns from the Twitch ban

More than a month ago Beeham’s channel was mysteriously banned from Twitch since Guy “DrDisrespect”, the popular and controversial dreamer has gone live, but this time he is live on YouTube.

DrDisrespect’s YouTube stream went live around 4:30 pm ET on Thursday evening, but Behm’s alter-ego has still not been screened. The stream features DrDisrespect and a render of a gas station with Champions Club-themed decorations. Music and faux news broadcasts are running in the background.

After the stream went live for an hour, during which around 300,000 viewers tuned in, DrDisrespect took to Twitter and YouTube chat to let fans know that it wouldn’t actually start streaming until Friday, August 7. PT at 12 noon.

A few hours before being taken to YouTube, Beehm’s stream was preceded by a short Instagram live video and a tweet with one Kiran’s new song. Behm’s Instagram live teaser announced the return of the streamer and mocked speculation around his ban. Viewers who joined Beehm’s initial YouTube stream were already greeted with the ability to “join” their channel for $ 4.99 each month. “Welcome to the Champions Club!” Notifications in chat say that Many Viewers are thanking for money for paid subscriptions.

Behm’s DrDisrespect Twitch channel was banned on 26 June, and despite a lot of speculation and rumors, there was no official explanation for the disciplinary action. Interviewed after the ban, Beehm stated that Twitch did not specify the reason for the ban. A few months before his ban, Behm signed an extension to his exclusive streaming contract with Twitch.

The day of DrDisrespect’s move to YouTube comes just days after Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, one of the highest-profile streamers to release Twitch for the Mix, returned to Twitch once again.

Updates (5:40 pm): This story has been updated with details about DrDisrespect’s plan to return to streaming on Friday, August 7.