Draymond Green's mother destroys Steph Curry after a shameful game


Stephen Curry's nightmare did not end when the game ended on Saturday, after his embarrbading performance in the Warriors' 126-121 loss to the Rockets.

After losing an open dunk with 20 seconds left in overtime (in the middle of shooting just 7 of 23 points by 17 points during Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinals with a bandaged finger), Curry became momentary curiosity from Internet. That was then amplified by Draymond Green's mother on Twitter.

Responding to a Curry meme that compared "regular season Steph vs. postseason Steph", openly Mary Babers Green tweeted: "Internet is undefeated!"

While Green's mother was hit with a flurry of replies, she said she has no ill will towards Curry, writing to a commentator: "So mean, it was funny for me, it's not hard, there's no fault. so that Steph plays the game 4! Oh well! "

The Warriors, who lead the series 2-1, will face the Rockets on Monday night.

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