Draymond Green returns to trickle LeBron James with a shirt in the Warriors parade

The championship parades are among the happiest experiences that athletes can have, except that Draymond Green is never as happy as when he is under the skin of a rival. So, for the second year in a row, the Warriors forward combined two things that make him happy to appear in the Golden State NBA title on Tuesday in a shirt that made LeBron James happy.

Last year, after the Warriors sent James' Cavaliers in five games to claim his Cleveland crown, Green wore a short that used the logo & # 39; Q & # 39; from the Cleveland Quicken Loans Arena for start the word & # 39; Quickie & # 39; The idea was to emphasize that the Cavs' stay at the top was short-lived. This year, Green became even more creative, and cutting, with a variation of James "Arthur's Fist" meme that James published in November, which many took at that time as an indication that he was frustrated with his team .

Instead of However, expressing anger or exasperation, Green's version took satisfaction satisfied in his role by helping the Warriors win three titles over the past four years, all at the expense of the Cavs. This time, the family fist was adorned with three championship rings, best to convey a mood happily at odds with what James apparently wanted to express earlier in the season.

That's a solid troll job, but to be fair, as Green explained last year, James started. After the loss of Golden State of Cleveland in the end of 2016, James was seen leaving his team's plane in a shirt that apparently paid homage to the WWE wrestler The Ultimate Warrior.

James explained at that time that he was the only clean shirt he had left, but Green clearly was not buying, especially after James decorated a Halloween party as a team he organized with jokes at the expense of the Warriors. In any case, Green was not happy on Tuesday to have an opportunity against only one member of the Cavaliers.

During the parade, Green said he and Tristan Thompson, the forward of Cleveland ejected from the game. 1 of the finals for putting a ball in the face of the first, were not "cut from the same cloth". When he was leaving the court, Thompson seemed to gesture to Green to meet him outside, and the Golden State star reporters the next day, "I can see him on the streets any day."

When the series ended after Game 4, in a sweep of the Warriors, Green refused to shake Thompson's hand as the teams pbaded by. to each other, and said on Tuesday: "Many guys in this league, are soft … I told one of them guys from the Cavs after the game, he tried to shake my hand, and I said: & # 39; Tristan, we do not have the same problem & # 39; ".

Green was not the only member of the Warriors shooting on Tuesday, or at least shots, well, long pulls from a bottle of Hennessy. Golden State rookie Jordan Bell started the day regretting on Twitter that he "left Henny at home," but after brandishing an empty bottle while floating, he found someone in the Oakland crowd capable of satisfying his whim.

Then, it was Nick Young, who, after winning his first NBA title in so many seasons with the Warriors, declared that he would no longer be known as "Swaggy P" but as the "Swag Champ". He also received an acknowledgment from JR. Smith for landing the Golden State flight after Game 4 without a shirt, and kept the tribute to his counterpart from Cleveland on Tuesday. In fact, Young declared jubilant while celebrating with JaVale McGee, "All summer & # 39; 18 is shirtless."

Elsewhere during the parade, Stephen Curry was freed from security personnel to run into the crowd and get sprayed with champagne while Kevin Durant appeared to have great difficulty ] bursting a bubbly bottle . Meanwhile, all James could do was look from his home, but at least he could do it knowing that, at least as far as Green was concerned, he did not forget.

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