Dragon Ball Super: Broly's villains created an interesting future for the series

Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the last largometraje and the twentieth in the series, is almost all fight in the second half. But the initial parts delve into the myths of the series, focusing on the Saiyan race before they were destroyed, and presenting Frieza as their new emperor.

This history lesson (which includes a bite-sized scene of Vegeta and Raditz's chewing) shows how much the Dragon Ball universe has changed in the years since Goku arrived on Earth. And the end of the movie creates a different expectation for his villains, one that could affect all future Dragon Ball stories from now on.

The[[Ed. Note: This post contains important spoilers for Dragon Ball Super: Broly.]

What's wrong with Frieza?

To call Broly a villain in Dragon Ball Super It is a little deceiving. In contrast, the now canonized wrestler is more of a blunt and uncontrollable object created by Frieza.

Having returned from the dead in the Tournament of Power saga and finally realizing that he could never be a rival to Goku and Vegeta, Frieza is settling into a new role in this movie: the opportunistic whining.

Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball ZY Dragon Ball Super They are full of great villains. But nobody compares with Frieza. Since its first appearance, the emperor of Universe 7 has been the perfect bad boy against which to root. He's rude, pompous, and it's as much fun to be evil as Goku and his friends.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly - Freezer hanging on his boat

Freezer looks towards space to his new empire.
Toei / Funimation animation

Frieza is the perfect villain, but one of the saiyas has grown much further. Bringing him back as Golden Frieza can only lead the villain so far, and that's the best thing: he should never be the bad guy who keeps up with the guys about transformations and power gains. He has done it once, but never again.

Broly it takes him back to who he was before we saw him rise from his chair and transform. In Broly, Frieza is returned to the evil ruler he literally was born to be, manipulating those below him to carry out his orders.

In the modern era, in which there are 12 different universes, and Frieza knows that world domination only means a lot, the villain is less a series of big and bad than a heel. The end of Broly establishes Dragon Ball ZThe original evil alien boy as a tool to attract more powerful fighters so that the boys bring down together.

Frieza seems less interested in destroying his enemies than in trying them and breaking their happy lives. A modern Frieza would get more joy by forcing Vegeta to leave Trunk's birthday party to save the universe than to see a Saiyan die of a painful death. The world of Dragon Ball has changed, and Frieza, despite his long absence, has changed with him.

But in a series where bad guys change sides regularly, Frieza does not feel like the next one to join the Z Fighters. Instead, it will go floating in space, sometimes offering its services for a greater good, always interested in its own portion of the cake above everything else, or annoying the protagonists with stronger fighters who fight on their behalf to as the years pbad. .

It's the role that Frieza was designed to play in the series, and seeing him return to that point is one of the highlights of Broly

What happens to broly

In case it does not remain clear enough of the advances, Broly is not bad in this film, although it is not misunderstood either. Instead, it is a tool for men of stronger will to use.

Throughout the film, we see how Broly's father sends him, and then we see Frieza trick him into fighting. But Broly does not have the mental capacity to understand the fight for sport or anything other than survival.

He has no social skills and can not understand the deeper motivations of the characters. For all the destruction it causes, it does not know anything better. He has lost control of his power. It is sad and often quite difficult to see while Goku and Vegeta hit him an inch away from his life.

Unlike Vegeta, Broly does not need a complex history of redemption. When Goku visits Broly at the end of the film, it is with the understanding that there is no animosity there. Goku wants a powerful ally to train his power, and Broly needs someone like Goku to teach him how to control his abilities.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly - Broly as the legendary Super Saiyan

Broly is the legendary Super Saiyan.
Toei / Funimation animation

Broly may be isolated on a less than hospitable planet, but the film leaves him with more potential than we have ever seen in a Dragon Ball character, maybe even more than Goku. With Frieza, it's easy to see his future as a manipulative master, but Broly is a bit harder to track.

In any case, Broly is the training partner. Goku needs more powerful enemies to face, and allies with which to train. Creator Akira Toriyama has shown over the past 20 years that he will never run out of enemies, but Vegeta has been struggling to keep up with Goku for a decade. Broly presents an unlimited pot of potential. He and Goku can theoretically grow together in perpetuity.

If Goku and his friends can help shape Broly to become a functional member of society, there is great potential for the Saiyan trio to save the galaxy. But no matter where Broly ends up in the long term, he's in the perfect position to be the reintroduction of Toriyama's surprise character when Goku and Vegeta get too hard to handle, a deus ex machina to take down all of de ex machina's.

Broly and Frieza will appear again in the series, there is no doubt. But for Dragon Ball fans, the difference between their endings is probably the most exciting aspect of the movie. By setting these two iconic characters in two completely unique positions, Toriyama has opened the power cover completely and has given himself as a perfect delivery device for new and powerful beings to fight against Goku.

Why BrolyThe villains, not our usual heroes, the future of Dragon Ball looks brighter than in years.

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