Drafts of the NFL 2019: Jahlani Tavai, Will Harris "C" selections for the Lions

Maybe Jahlani Tavai and Will Harris will work.

But clearly the most optimistic about their chances in the NFL are the Detroit Lions.

The team's Day 2 picks: Tavai in the second round (43 in total), Harris in the third (80) were mostly criticized by badysts, especially Tavai, a Hawaiian linebacker who was not expected to take up the fourth . or fifth round.

Here is a summary of the report cards:

Chad Reuter, NFL.com: B-

"Tavai was chosen earlier than expected, just like Kyle Van Noy was a few years ago, although NFL scouts believe that Tavai can become a starter." Van Noy's selection did not work for the Lions, but I hope this is what The exchange by Harris helped the Lions meet a need for security and he was an appropriate value. "

Steven Ruiz, For TheWin, USA Today: C- | do

"I understand that Matt Patricia wants versatile defenders in his defense, and Jahlani Tavai is certainly that. But you must think that the Lions could have moved down and still collect the product from Hawaii. First career linebackers are not exactly a hot product. As the adjustment; I'm not so sure of the value. "

"This is a very similar draft to the Patriots for the Lions. They are taking their boys no matter where they are on the boards of other teams. This is another scope, but Will Harris is a physical security. It is not very good in coverage but it is not a total responsibility. At best, he will become a poor John Johnson, which is a sure impact for the Rams. "

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: B + | SECOND-

"I love it, he flies around football, today you must have a guy who can fly, run and chase."

"(Harris) is an athletic safety player who can bring good pop when he's in. The Lions needed to be more athletic in the back."

Andy Benoit, Sports Illustrated: C + | SECOND-

"Starting from his roots in the Patriots, Matt Patricia prefers the big linebackers, he has one in Christian Jones, but Jones is average in the field in a contract year, hence the selection of Tavai. Tavai's arrival impacts where he plays the explosive but slightly inconsistent first-round linebacker of 2017, Jarrad Davis. "

"The Lions play many six- and seven-packs of data bases with Matt Patricia, which makes secondary depth and versatility a key component of this defense. "Anyone in this scheme must have the ability to pair one on one in space, and the Lions expect Harris to do that, particularly against closed ends."

Mike Tanier, Bleacher Report: C- | D +

"The Warriors lined Tavai throughout the defense, from the vertical edge corridor to the center defender in the center of the field, and he acquitted himself in most of the roles. He's quick and aggressive, with some cleverness as he rushes the pbader, but he also fails tackles and does not seem to be that fast. "

"Harris is a tool prospect who had a good time, but it's a project that probably would have been on the board by the middle of Day 3. He will start his career as a confident rotation.The positive side is there, but with many more talents from Polished security on the board (Alabama's Deionte Thompson is still out there, for God's sake), this is a choice to scratch your head. "

Eric Edholm, Yahoo! Sports: C + | C +

"If he had not been hurt, Tavai could have gone higher, he's a heavy-frame backback linebacker who hits hard, just what Matt Patricia is looking for in the position, although it looks like Tavai has backed down from an incredible 2016 season, I could be on the rise in good health and the right time to develop, a fascinating selection. "

"The clbadic Matt Patricia / Bob Quinn chose here, as the impact of Harris goes beyond his modest production at the university, he is an intelligent and enthusiastic player who loves to deliver great successes, and there should be a role in the secondary of the Lions for him right away, even so, Harris could be more of a glue and less a ballhawk. "

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