Dr. The reason for the insult is that the twitch is banned

Dr. The disrespect leaves a hint in a YouTube stream that could shed some more light on the ongoing mystery about his sudden twitch ban earlier this year.

Dr. The mystery of why the dishonor got a twitch ban continues, although the logic of a new development may shed some more light. Everyone involved with the world of sports streaming has speculated that Drs. Why the descript was banned, when the dreamer himself said that he is not sure of the reason.

There are a ton of theories thrown about that could have been so potent that it would permanently boot one of Twitch’s biggest streamers from service. The doctor himself alleges that no reason was given to him at the time he was banned, and although he went on record stating that he did not know the truth, new information indicated that the dreamer The ones actually know more than he gives.

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Doc is still streaming to YouTube with great success, as it seems that most of his huge fans are either surrounded by mystery or enjoy the dreamer’s antics too much if he actually does something controversial . On 28 September, Drs. Disrespect imposed some good old-fashioned currents Call of Duty: Warzone And told his audience that he wanted to spill the beans on a topic he’d like to be honest about for some time. Naturally, this greatly affected the interest of the people, given the fact that the doctors could finally leak due to their mysterious ban.

The high-profile streamer speculated that he is being asked to shut up by the “process” he is making to go, and to receive donations from the viewer calling himself an “active duty master chief” for a long time Continues to expand after. They meant a gamble from the US Army. The Doctor began talking about a metaphor between himself and an experienced soldier, leading the audience to ask that the Navy should imagine getting rid of a star soldier who would become Master Chief, replacing him with three new soldiers Will be given as the master chief was to have a salary to be withdrawn. The new soldiers or “cadets” they refer to are likely references to an exclusivity contract with Twitch’s new big streamers: Shroud, Ninja, and Possible Logic.

The obvious implication here is that Doc is comparing this master chief to himself, raising questions about two-time salaries and whether there was an internal conversation that either he or Twitch were unhappy with it. If these allegations are true then they would certainly be controversial, given the recent criticism of Twitch being tempted to introduce mid-roll ads.

However, there is no other evidence to support Dock’s claim, and for now, all fans have conjectures and theories. Still, it’s a tricky detail and there’s arguably more substance that fans have already regained: the ban, and possibly more substance that people will find for a while, even Dr. Also keeping in mind the upcoming book of Dispract.

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