“Dr.” Jill Biden to leave on Wall Street Journal op-ed calling title Spark Backlash

An op-ed was published online Friday in The Wall Street Journal Dr. Jill biden The title “Thinking of leaving her” Dr. “called” backrest “and the author’s thoughts” wrong “. Biden, A. all the time Professor of English, is Received doctorate In education and two postgraduate degrees.

“Madame First Lady-Mrs. Biden-Jill-Kido: A little advice on what may seem a little trivial, but I think it’s not an insignificant case,” Joseph Epstein wrote. “Any chance you can leave ‘Dr.’ before your name? ‘” Dr. Jill Biden’ ‘sounds and sounds pretentious, not to say a touch of humor. “

In the piece, Epstein said that prestige can be a PhD “once the erosion of seriousness and the relaxation of standards in university education has diminished at any rate outside of science.” He claimed that earning a doctorate degree was a “difficult task”, but he worked as a teacher as an informal event, describing the doctoral examinations.

“As for your Ed. D., Madame First Lady, hard work may have been earned, please do it publicly, at least for now, at least for now,” Epstein concluded. “Forget the small thrill of being Dr. Jill, and settle in for the big thrill of living as First Lady Jill Biden in the world’s best public housing for the next four years.”

The backlash for the op-ed was swift – with many coming to Biden’s rescue.

Northwestern University, where Epstein was previously a visiting lecturer, addressed the op-ed in two statements – one from the university as a whole and one specifically from his English department. The school said in a press release, “We do not agree with Mr. Epstein’s opinion and believe that the designation of the doctor is qualified by anyone who has received a PhD, ADD or MD.” It added that it “strongly disagreed” with Epstein’s “misconceptions”.

Future First Women’s Team members, incoming Biden-Harris administration officials and other prominent political and public figures also react negatively to the piece on social media

Husband of Vice-President Kamala Harris and Other future gentlemen Doug Amhoff Article criticized On twitter

“This story is never written about a man,” Amhoff wrote. He said Biden “earned his degree through hard work and pure patience” and is an “inspiration” to him and many people across the country.

“Sexist and shameful,” tweeted Future First Women Communications Director, Elizabeth Alexander. that requested The Wall Street Journal “would be better.”

Hillary Clinton also responded to this piece, Tweet, “Her name is Dr. Jill Biden. Get used to it.”

Dr. Martin luther king jr daughter, Bernice King, Biden tweeted In support of the Op-Ed view. “My father was a non-medical doctor. And his work greatly benefited humanity. Yours too,” he wrote with an image of the symbol of civil rights.

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Chasten Batigiag Pete Batting, Tweeted, “The author could use fewer words saying ‘in my day we should not respect women’.”

Chance has also started An online fundraising campaign Selling rip shirts to Op-Ed to help raise money for the Northern Virginia Community College Educational Foundation on Saturday.

Writer Charlotte Clymer also Shared shirt design Working with Chase, fundraising for the cause, on an op-ed basis. According to the fundraising website, as of Sunday night, the foundation for his shirt has exceeded $ 50,000.

Biden is a full-time English professor at Northern Virginia Community College, working there during his tenure Another woman Of the United States of America President Barack Obama’s Two posts in office.

Biden himself also appeared to answer the op-ed on Sunday night. “Together, we will create a world where our daughters’ achievements will be celebrated rather than diminished,” she said. Tweeted.

Biden told “CBS Sunday Morning“In August that if now President-Elect Joe Biden won the election, he planned to continue working while in office. Catherine Jellison, a professor at the University of Ohio who studies the first women, told CBS News in November Told that if Biden worked through it. With those plans, she would become the first woman to hold a paying job and the first woman to get a doctoral degree.


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