Dr. Fauci’s Top 10 Tips to Protect You From COVID-19

Contracting COVID-19 means protecting yourself and others, especially taking several important precautions until the vaccine is available. Luckily, it is very clear what these security semesters want, thanks Anthony Fauci, MD, Director National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) And a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. And in light of his recent vocal cord surgery, which will keep Fauci quiet at the moment, we’ve gathered his most important tips to stay safe with COVID-19.

Some of these things you’ve heard before, but have forgotten about many months of this epidemic, while others are more recent — for example, you’re still washing your hands over and over again, but do you Opening your car windows? In either case, FFauci’s top tips to prevent coronovirus are as important as now. COVID-19 is still spreading throughout the United States and can worsen cold weather by moving more declining people indoors, potentially escalating the spread. In addition, HThere are 10 important precautions to take from the country’s top healthcare expert. For more information on Coronavirus, see Dr. 10 COVID Predictions of Fauci You Need to Know.

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