Dr. Fauci says you haven’t done it yet, but should

The fall and winter months are upon us, and COVID-19 infections are beginning to increase across the country. Although a vaccine is expected in the next few months, experts warn that once vaccination is available, it will actually take a year or more to become effective on a national scale. Hence Dr. Anthony FauciThe country’s leading infectious disease specialist and prominent member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force regularly urges the importance of following some of the recommended prevention strategies they dubbed their core principles. And, during an interview with Wired On Wednesday, he added a new one to the list. Read on, and to get through this epidemic on your healthiest, don’t miss these Sure sign you were already coronavirus.

The Flu Shot Ready Now, Hey Sad: Get One

Dr. Fauci clarified that shutting down the economy was not on his list of things to bring the epidemic under control.

“We’re talking about a very prudent, meticulous approach to reopening the economy by the common five or six things,” he explained. These include “uniformly wearing masks, avoiding crowds, keeping distance, preferring things more than outside the home, and washing your hands frequently.”

“It sounds like simple things, but it has a big impact on whether you can reduce those surges,” he said.

And, due to the impending cold and flu season, he made another recommendation: taking a flu pill. “We now have enough flu vaccine to vaccinate about 200 million people,” he reported.

“Everyone, six months or older, should take a flu pill,” he said.

“If we do and follow the public health measures I just mentioned, we can reduce the flu season,” he said.

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Scene success in other countries with flu shot

He used Australia and Argentina as an example of the effectiveness of his recommendations by “our colleagues in the Southern Hemisphere”, pointing out that he had almost a non-existent flu season, the first time in memory that he Had so little flu season, ”he said.

He said, “The reason for this is to follow public health measures, as I just mentioned. So as soon as we enter the flu season, get your flu shot and please pay attention to those very simple public health recommendations Give, ”he concludes.

To get through this epidemic at your healthiest, as yourself, get that flu shot and don’t miss these 35 places you like the most to catch COVID.

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