Dr. Fauci recently introduced a number of people with his latest coronovirus advice – BGR

  • Dr. Fauci says that it may be time for the face masks to be rendered mandatory as the novel coronovirus yet re-grows in the US.
  • The daily new COVID-19 cases set new records over the weekend, even surpassing the astronomical numbers we saw back in mid-July.
  • Fauci has previously opposed advocating for masked mandates, and people are already furious at the new advice that we are headed straight for the coronovirus nightmare, which is terrifying to all.

The face mask is tragically one of the most political aspects of the novel coronavirus epidemic. Face coverings, social distancing, and frequent hand washing are simple things that everyone can do to reduce the risk of infection. Circulating constantly to avoid gatherings, along with homes and other indoor areas, and you end up with a recipe for theoretical success. The risk of infection is greatly reduced, although it does not disappear completely. The prevalence of COVID-19 is slow until vaccines and more effective treatments are available. Reducing the risk of infection can not only prevent deaths, it also prevents long-lasting COVID complications which can also be quite dangerous. And yet many people still oppose the facade, which has ridiculously become a symbol of oppression for some Americans.

The country’s leading infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci has avoided recommending masked mandates in the past. However, he has repeatedly said that everyone should wear a face cover and follow all other health precautions. But Fauci is changing his tune now, and he says that it may be time to establish masks all over America. Needless to say, many people there were offended by the mere suggestion.

As predicted by experts, the US reached the third peak of its COVID-19 pandemic. More than 80,000 cases were reported each day on Friday and Saturday, and those figures could climb this week. The cold weather helps the virus survive longer and people tend to congregate more in indoor locations when it is cold. The number of infections may continue to increase, especially in areas where communities are not as strict about health measures.

“Well, if people aren’t wearing masks, maybe we should make it mandatory,” said Fauci Cnn few days back.

As Cnn Explains, Fauci was skeptical about the need for face masks in previous interviews, although he urged the public to wear masks and follow other public health measures.

Fauci acknowledged that the mandate mask has a negative aspect of implementing those mandates. “It’s going to be difficult to implement, but if everyone agrees that it’s something that’s important and they mandate it, and everybody pulls together and says, you know, We are going to mandate this but let’s just do it, I think the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) said that it is a common idea that everyone will do it equally.

Fauci said people need to “double down” with the safety measures that come in cold weather. “Wearing a universal mask” is one of them. Keeping distance from others and washing hands repeatedly are others. “They look very simple. But we are not doing it equally, and that is one reason why we are seeing these growth, ”the doctor said.

The health expert recently weighed in on an experiment from a popular YouTube channel, which shows how effective face masks we apply to prevent invisible drops and aerosols as we speak. Those particles can be filled with activated coronavirus cells that can infect anyone in the vicinity of the person speaking. Fauci clarified that simple use fully demonstrates the need for a face mask during an epidemic – this interview is available at this link.

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