Dr. Fauci has given definite indications that you have already done COVID

Coronavirus Death in the US is over 7,000,000, and there are countless thousands who have had, or have had, COVIDs for a long time Dr. Anthony FauciThe Chief Medical Advisor, President and Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is called “Post-acute Covid 19 syndrome”. Symptoms “They have technically recovered from the disease after very severe months,” Msnbc Host Rachel Madavo told her the other day. “They are still not able to work. People have long term and very serious consequences.” “This is a real incident,” Fauci said. “, I myself, currently, have been dealing with and helping many people who have a post COVID 19 syndrome – they are virologically cured. The virus is no longer recognized in them, but they have There is persistence of symptoms that can debilitate. “Read on to learn more about the symptoms to see if you have them – and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these Sure sign you were already coronavirus.


Fauci told Madavo that you may be suffering from “extreme fatigue” and have been mentioning this for some time. “You don’t want to scare people and intimidate them, but they really should know that we don’t know what the long-term consequences are when it looks like a regular infection,” Dr. The neighbor said Medscape In July. “We take better precautions. Even after the virus is cleared, there are postviral symptoms. I know, because I follow a lot of people on the phone, who call me and talk about their course . And it is extraordinary how many people have a postviral. Syndrome that is very strikingly similar to myelgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome. They just do not return to normal energy or a general sense of good health. “ME / A hallmark symptom of CFS is postoperative malaise, an accident after exertion.

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Another major symptom of long covid — and myelgic encephalitis / chronic fatigue syndrome — is muscle aches and pains, or myelgia. They can present themselves anywhere — your torso, your back, your legs — and in some cases, like costochondritis, can feel like a heart attack (but it is not).

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You are called a phony, “temperature may sag” World neurology, From the World Federation of Neurology, also mentions it. “Most of these patients were in excellent health before being infected with SARS-CoV-2,” he says. “They all had myriad symptoms during the acute phase; however, as fever and respiratory symptoms improved, they are constantly left with systemic symptoms, some of which are slowly improving, but all follow that course. Are not doing. “

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“Some of them also have conditions they call Brain Fog,” Dr. Fausi told Medado, “Where they are very difficult to concentrate or concentrate, can really be quite annoying. We’re doing a lot of that.”

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If you have any of those symptoms then tell your medical professional. Although doctors still do not know how to correct it, they can help treat the symptoms. Dr. Fauci says the medical community has been studying COVID extensively for a long time. “We are going to make a big investment in research dolls and are trying to figure it all out,” he said. “What are the underlying mechanisms, is there any clue as to what we can do to treat this. We take it very simply that even though a small fraction and a small fraction of people seem to be Se fraction has persistent symptoms – when you look at 24, 25 million people in the United States who have become infected, none of them have any symptoms, but even those whose symptoms and world class But, when you’re approaching hundred million people infected, it could be something that could actually be an issue. And that’s why we’re taking it very seriously. ” It should be done to protect the life of the people, do not visit any of them 35 places you like most to catch COVID.

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