Dozens of people left the NJ COVID vaccination site after the website went wrong

Authorities said a hospital website went haywire over the weekend, resulting in dozens of people turning away from a coronovirus vaccination site in Bergen County.

According to Teaneck Township Manager Dean Kazin, the “interruption of links” of Holy Name Medical Center’s COVID-19 vaccine registration site allowed people to get through the registration on Sunday most of the way.

“There were people who had reached a point in the registration process, which was nearing completion,” Cousinen said on Tuesday. “They thought they were done, but they didn’t have confirmation.”

Cousin said the township received 570 doses of the Pfizer vaccine from the state and opened an equal number of vaccination appointments at the Colonial Court’s Richard Rhonda Community Center.

“There were 570 doses available on Sunday and we had 570 appointments online,” Czinniz said.

But the website – operated by Holy Name Hospital – continued to allow people nearly full registration, even after the community center was booked and no more appointments were available for Monday, Cousins ​​said.

Those who thought they had signed up online took screenshots of their registration process and came to the community center on Monday and expected vaccination.

As a result, about 25 to 50 people were turned away, Cousin said. “His appointment was unconfirmed,” Cousin said. “We didn’t have a dose to give them.”

“It was the first time we were open and doing it (giving the vaccine),” Cousinen said.

“This is no different from when any other website has a problem or has broken. It is no different from the problem of the Department of Labor, not the problem of the Department of Motor Vehicles, ”he said. “We are just asking people to please be a little patient with us.”

Cuzziniz said the Holy Name computer technicians fixed the website issue late Sunday night and are expected to get up and running again this weekend. The community center was closed on Tuesday as officials waited for more vaccine doses.

Holy Name expects to receive two trays of vaccine equivalent to 2,000 doses on Tuesday. Cousins ​​said they plan to schedule more appointments for Wednesdays through Fridays at the community center. According to the township manager, the COVID-19 vaccine will be given from around 9 am to 3 pm.

If the dose comes in the planned form, Cousin said he would alert the public through the hospital’s website and Nixley that they could start registering for the vaccine.

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