Down Loss: Overwatch Live Patch Notes (August 31)

For the past few weeks, there has been a field day among the dealers at a loss Overwatch. Finally free of obstacles, for the August 13 live patch, players are locking in Widowmaker, Ash and McCurry with regularity in competitive mode.

However, this fun may end today. The developers unveiled a new live patch, which focuses on fixing some of the protagonists’ highly egregious damage.

Last week’s Experimental Card tested these extensive tweaks and, of course, the results were positive for developers. Almost every change tested in the 24 August Experimental Card has made it to a live patch, including giant nerfs for Vidowamacar’s long-range damage ability. The developers also included nerfs in the healing output of some support characters, citing “fewer losses being dealt with overall” as one reason for the adjustment.

Common changes

Beam-type damage reduction against armor health pools has been increased by 20 to 30 percent. This means that ray damage from the primary fire of Symmetra or Zaira will do less damage against heroes protected with armor.

Hero of loss turns


  • The maximum ammo of the Viper decreased from 15 to 12. The Viper’s secondary fire, or “target-bottom sights,” damage decreased from 85 to 80.

Ash has been a heroine taking heroes for a few months and has only worked with many powerful people to barrier the hero. Looking at the increase of gunpowder from April 2020, these changes reduced his damaged damage and brought his ammo back to 12.


  • The Frag Launcher effect was reduced from 50 to 40; The total decreased from 130 to 120.


  • Peacekeeper primary fire recovery increased from 0.42 to 0.50.


  • Rocket Launcher Recovery increased from 0.75 to 0.85.


  • Photon projector secondary fire maximum damage reduced from 140 to 120.

Symmetra gets a double noise in this patch, which takes a reduction in beam-type damage against the armor as well as a change in its projectile damage. She has been a popular pick in close-quarter maps, but these adjustments can force players to think twice immediately.

widow maker

  • The widow’s kiss maximum ammo is increased by 35 30.
  • Secondary fires, or scooped, ammo cost three to five. Scoped shots now cause 50 percent damage from 60 to 85 meters.

OverwatchHer favorite sniper gets the biggest void of the August 31 patch with a drastic reduction in her scattered shots, completing most of Widowmaker’s losses. Due to the increased ammo and cost of firing, Widowmaker players will now get seven shots from a full reload instead of just 10.. While this only distinguishes maps with long vision, such as Ilios Ruins and Junkertown, this is a major void for Widowacker players who are going for long-distance doubles or clutch headshots.

Support hero change


  • Organic rifle ammo decreased from 14 to 12.


  • Biotic launcher grenade (secondary fire) ammo reduced from 12 to 10.
  • Regenerative burst total treatment is reduced from 150 to 75. Baptiste now receives twice as much healing as regenerative burst.

Like Brigitte in the August 13 Live Patch, Baptiste receives large nerfs for her team’s treatment but is fond of her self-sufficient healing power. The regenerative burst will now heal Baptist at a higher rate, but treatment has been withheld for his team. This is a major setback of creations that rely on players sticking together as a team to receive Baptist healing.


  • Biotic Grass (Healing) Heal Heal was reduced from four seconds to two seconds, total healing reduced from 65 to 35. Healing increased from 65 to 70 per second. Healing resource consumption rate increased from 11 to 14, 27 percent.
  • Biotic grass (damage) reduces the angle by 37 percent. Healing resource benefit rate increased by 50 percent.

Moira has been the focus of several recent experimental cards, with developers testing wild changes for its feedy ability and biotic orbs. These live patch changes are not quite so creative, but they take steps towards making Moira a more balanced hero.

Thanks to a healed heal shortage, Moira players will have to be more active in “spraying” treatment on allies. Healing is increased per second at the cost of more resources. This means that medical allies will spend about 27 percent more of Moira’s “energy” absorbed from enemies.

Moira players will now have to aim better to gain more resources as the widely popular 37 percent enclosure angle change goes live. This means that the “hitbox” chance for Moira’s Biotic Gras is significantly reduced, so players need to aim closer or directly into a character to absorb energy. To make it necessary for the healing resources to increase, Moira will receive 50 percent more energy than the enemies damaging them.

Tank hero turns


  • Halt! The radius increased from four to five. The projectile speed decreased from 30 to 25.

OverwatchWhen a big noiseless is finished the developers understand that it is much more rigid. Orissa, with a drastic reduction in its halt capacity, won with the largest Niraf in the August 13 patch, with a radius of seven meters. In this patch, she gains another meter of halt radius and takes the projectile speed of the capacity to a more general level.


  • The cost of particulate cannon secondary fire ammo increased from 20 to 25.

This slight change is a reversal of the former Zaria Buffet. Players will now get four “grenades” with only one full load of energy instead of five.

These changes remain Overwatch As of 1 pm CT on 31 August. This patch affects all modes Overwatch, Including quick games, arcade and competitive modes. Overwatch However the league will not be affected by this patch. The playoffs, which begin on 3 September, will be played on 13 August.

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