Down-ballot split from Dam Biden at door-knocking

There was a person-to-campaign campaign between Biden campaign officials and state party leaders concerning a private call in Pennsylvania last week. In a sign of the party’s growing concern over the issue, Democrats in the severe battlefield left the call with wildly different interpretations of the conversation.

Some top party officials told Politko after the call that the Biden team discussed the possibility of a return to door-knocking, although it had not made a final decision. But Biden colleagues insisted that they were not considering it and that it would have been a misunderstanding: they said they only talked about plans to introduce door-to-door literature – essentially canvassing, But more limited, if any, human interaction – open distribution centers where people can pick up signs and other campaign materials.

“If you asked anyone for the record from the Biden campaign, I think they would say ‘Yes, we want to be at the door.” The reality is that we still have an epidemic going on, ”said Jason Henry, executive director of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party later. “Those negotiations are still happening because we want to make sure that we do it safely.”

Some Pennsylvania Democrats are not waiting for Biden’s imprimatur and taking matters into their own hands. The Trump Democratic Party in Erie County, Pa., A major constituency that won in 2016 after former President Barack Obama did it four years ago – said it called it a “soft talk” from voters while dropping literature and materials . Their house.

Erie County Democrats president Jim Wurtz said, “Fox will come out and talk to us and I feel this is a more fruitful conversation.” “They come out and talk to us about Joe Biden and how I get the signs.”

Ginen’s campaign spokesman said field staff of the Maine Democratic Party are also doing some limited door-knocking with masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, along with public health precautions in place. , By tradition, coordinates its field program through the state territory. The Montana Democratic Party is also conducting door-to-door election campaigning.

State Senate candidate Julie Slumsky, seeking to flip a red seat in Pennsylvania, said she wears a mask, uses a hand sanitizer, rings the doorbell with her knuckles and 12 steps knocking on the door She stays away She said she always asks voters if they are comfortable being with her when she congratulates them.

“I haven’t said anyone yet,” he said. “I started, ‘How have you been during the epidemic? Is there anything we can do to help connect some dots?’ Some people say they may need some masks and I buy them masks . “

The district that Trump won in 2016 is Erie County, Pa. State Rep. Ryan Bizarro for RElection in the US said his campaign knocked on the door with several safety precautions in more than a month.

“I think it’s important to run a virtual campaign,” he said. “But … on November 3, I don’t want there to be a, ‘What would happen? What if I were on the ground? What if?’ I do not want that. “

In the swing state of Wisconsin, Lee Snodgrass – one of the state party’s vice presidents also running for the state assembly – is himself knocking on the door. “Voter contact is how you get votes,” she told her local NPR aide.