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Dow Jones Keep Weekly Loss Small; Will Apple, Disney Outperform Intel In 2019?

The leading chip makers sold a lot in stocks today, but the main indices remained firm. The strong weekly earnings of the S & P 500 (up around 1%) and the Nasdaq compound (more than 1.6%) more than offset a decline of less than 0.3% weekly in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.


Intel (INTC) – fell 10% lower on strong revenue after issuing a 2% increase in first quarter earnings to 89 cents per share with zero revenue growth – it was well below its moving average of 50 days.

The Silicon Valley Titan instantly made a profit worth months.

Apple (AAPL), also in the 30 industrial shares of Dow Jones, rose 0.5% on the downside, but still recorded a fourth consecutive week.

At 204.30, the innovator of iPhone and digital services remains in the purchasing range after exceeding an appropriate purchase point of 197.79 in a large first-stage cup with handle.

Once an action is broken, it is better to buy shares before it advances more than 5% beyond the correct entry. The fact of taking actions at a higher price than the pursuit zone of 5% exposes an investor to a possible normal setback and a rapid loss of paper.

Walt Disney (DIS) increased more than 5% for the week and registered a fifth consecutive weekly gain.

Stocks have now risen 20% beyond an entry of 115.90 on a saucer with a handle. The strong gain came in just three weeks, which justifies a special IBD portfolio management rule: keep the stock at least eight weeks during a confirmed market uptrend.

Maintaining the main actions for at least eight weeks allows the holders of shares to give these short-term market leaders the opportunity to become a giant winner and possible long-term player.

The entertainment and multimedia giant recently introduced Disney + to compete in the video on demand entertainment market. Reports point to strong global box office sales for the first weekend of his movie Avengers: Endgame and the popular end of the superhero series.

Look at the Disney composite rating; Will it rise more?

Disney shows an improved and decent Composite Classification of 88 on a scale of 1 (depressing) to 99 (dynamite), according to the Stock Review of IBD.

The small capitalizations exceeded not only Friday, but the whole week. The S & P SmallCap 600 rose almost 0.9% on Friday, good for a weekly gain of 1%. The innovative IBD 50 (FFTY) advanced 1.8% in the week. With 34.55, the ETF extended its profit from January 1 to 25%.

The economy of the United States is growing

The initial response of the market to a preliminary jump of 3.2% in the GDP of the first quarter of the US. UU It was moderate, but it also helped keep the bears at bay. This increase represents an acceleration of an annualized gain of 2.2% in the fourth quarter of last year.

"This impressive GDP report shows that President Donald J. Trump's policies are unleashing the vitality of the US economy, fulfilling the president's promise of 3% economic growth and benefiting American workers in the form of better jobs and higher wages, "said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. He said.

The 3.2% increase is the strongest in the first quarter of any year since 2015. It broke a 2.3% forecast for Econoday and exceeded the highest estimate of + 2.8%.

On the downside, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fell for the third consecutive session, losing 16% in the process. The action is trying to stop the fall in its 200-day moving average. The company and the previous actions of IBD 50 reported an adjusted net loss of 11 cents per share in the first quarter with a 3% drop in revenues to $ 182 million, according to data from the IBD sister company William O & # 39; Neil + Co.

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