Dow industrialists hit a near-record high of 31,000 Wednesday, as investors won a Democratic victory in Georgia

Dow jones industrial average [: DJIA] An intraday record was touched on Wednesday as investors bet Democrats were prepared to take control of the Senate following initial results from Georgia’s runoff elections. Tech-Heavy Nasdaq Composite,
After opening bell on Tech Grant with expectations of higher taxes and stricter rules, opening briefly with losses on Wednesday briefly higher. At the top, government bond yields were rising, suggesting higher costs for businesses and also providing some resistance for investors buying bonds versus stocks. The Dow was up more than 400 points on Monday morning at 30,804, the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Was inspired by the boom in banks including GS.
+ 5.40%,
JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPM,
+ 4.70%
And American Express Company AXP,
+ 3.71%,
Those benefiting from the rate hike with the 10-year Treasury yield note [: TMUBMUSD10Y] Its highest level in early trading in March was around 1.05%. The Nasdaq Composite was up 0.1% at 12,832 at 12,649.99 intraday low, while in the S&P 500 index SPX,
+ 0.57%
A 0.9% increase to reach 3,759 was recorded, traded in record territory and a mere 10 points above its intraday record to an embarrassing 3,769.99. According to the Associated Press, Democrat Rafael Warnock defeated Republican Kelly Loeffler for one U.S. Senate seat and Democrat John Ossoff took a limited lead in the second race. The Democratic sweep of both seats in Georgia would put the party in control of the Senate as Vice President elect Kamala Harris would cast a stunning vote as the president of the Chamber.


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