Dow futures slip as earnings stop, J&J stops trial of coronovirus vaccine

US Equity Futures pointed to a mixed start for the shares early Tuesday as investors surpassed earnings from some of the largest financial institutions to begin the third-quarter reporting season.

Wall Street participants were also watching several corporate events, including Amazon’s two-day Prime Day sales debut and the rollout of Apple’s latest iPhone lineup.

How are stock benchmarks performing?

Futures for Dow Jones Industrial Average YM00,

At 28,705 with a gain of 93 points or 0.3%, the S & P 500 traded to the ES00.

Nasdaq-100 futures NQ00, while were down 1.05 points or 0.1% at 3,531.75.
+ 0.58%

+ 0.58%
115.75 points to reach 12%, an increase of 1%.

On Monday, the Dow DJIA,
+ 0.87%
Rose 250.62 points, or 0.9%, to 28,837.52. S&P 500 SPX,
+ 1.64%
Adding 57.09 points or 1.6% to 3,534.22 while the Nasdaq Composite Comp,
+ 2.55%
Climbed 296.32 points or 2.6%, to 11,876.26. This was the fourth day of direct gains for all three benchmark indices.

What is driving the market?

Investors were digesting several big corporate events that were likely to set the tone for the trading session on Tuesday, including earnings results JPMorgan Chase
+ 1.22%,
Which produces better-than-expected income but little-to-expected revenue.

The nation’s largest bank said $ 9 in the third quarter on Tuesday. However, revenue fell from $ 30.014 billion to $ 29.941 billion. The main reason for the jump in EPS was the decline in loan loss provisions that fell 90% to just $ 611 million.

BlackRock Inc. BLK,
+ 0.54%
Investors said its quarterly profit rose 22% as investors participated in its suite of investment funds, which was in the midst of a volatile period, but mostly a dramatic increase in equity markets.

Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical giant Johnson and johnson
+ 0.57%
Announces the cease-fire of all its COVID-19 vaccine trials, highlighting the challenges of building a cure for the virus, infecting more than 37 million people globally, according to Johns Hopkins University data Have been

Kick Off, Beyond Earning Amazon.ComAMZN,
+ 4.75%
Two-day sales program and presumed launch Apple Inc.And AAPL,
+ 6.35%
The new iPhone roster of 5-G enabled phones is expected to attract attention, as investors assess how consumers react in an epidemic era that has weakened sectors of the economy.

Negotiations stalled in Congress around another package of coronovirus financial aid were still in the market’s mind and against the backdrop of reports of the smallest increase in new coronovirus infections in the US in a week.

Still, hospitals in some parts of the country are seeing an increase in the number of coronovirus patients during the winter season. The Wall Street Journal reported that according to data from the COVID Tracking Project, American hospitals are at the highest level since sept 2.

Looking ahead, traders are also waiting for the latest US inflation data, the consumer-price index, which is 8:30 am Eastern time.

Which stocks are in focus?

  • Shares of JPMorgan Chase Premarket action increased nearly 2% following the announcement of its third quarter results.

  • Walt disney company Share DIS,
    Announces a strategic restructuring of its media and entertainment businesses to focus on streaming on Monday after Entertainment jumped late on Monday.

  • Amazon.Com Experts say the share sales were up more than 1.4% as the company expects sales of about $ 10 billion from its Prime Day sales.

  • Shares of Jammu and Jammu They were down 1.7% before the bell rang on Tuesday after the company announced a standstill for testing of COVID-19.

  • black RockThe stock is nearly 5% popup in prepaid action following its results.


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