Vincent Brady, of Charlotte, took this photo on Sunday night at the top of a three-story building in the center. He took it after a tornado warning was canceled in Eaton County. (Photo: Image courtesy of Vincent Brady)

CHARLOTTE – An erratic afternoon and afternoon climate on Sunday in the Lansing region produced some beauty that has gone viral online.

Residents from Charlotte to Haslett captured images and videos of a double rainbow that emerged on Sunday night after a tornado warning was issued and finally canceled in Eaton County.

One of the best images found on social media on Monday was taken by Vincent Brady, 31, of Charlotte, while standing on top of a three-story downtown building.

Brady's picture, taken with a Samsung S9 + phone, shows the double rainbow that extends for what seemed to be several miles behind the rows of residential houses.

"This is definitely the clearest, clearest double rainbow I've seen," Brady said Monday. "I've seen them before, but they were pbaded out."

Brady said he took the picture at 7:40 p.m. while I was standing on top of Charlotte Windwalker Underground Gallery at 125 Cochran Ave.

Unknown frequency

It is not clear how rare double rainbows are in central Michigan, according to the Grand Rapids office of the National Weather Service.

Rainbows of any size are formed by a mixture of light and precipitation.

The mix of colors that a rainbow can produce is similar to what can be seen through foggy water sprayed from a garden house on a sunny day, said Nathan Jeruzal, an NWS meteorologist.

"I do not think there's any kind of frequency (that can be traced)," Jeruzal said of the double rainbow. "It really depends on the angle you're sitting on and where the light comes from."

Dan Mark, of Haslett, took this photo on Sunday from a double rainbow that he saw from the balcony of his apartment. It overlooks the lake from the hills, west of Lake Lansing. (Photo: Image courtesy of Dan Mark)

A 2014 story written by Chrissy Warrilow, posted on the Weather Channel website, says rainbows only occur when refracted sunlight hits the edge of the raindrop at a 48-degree angle.

There are scenarios in these circumstances when three or even four rainbows can be formed at the same time, according to the story.

& # 39; Gift of God & # 39;

Dan Mark, 46, of Haslett, took a photo on Sunday night of the double rainbow with an iPhone 7, while he and his wife, Shell, were on the balcony of their apartment overlooking the Lake of the Hills

The lake is located in Haslett, within the limits of the roads of Lake Lansing, Okemos, Haslett and Marsh.

Mark described the double double rainbow as the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

"Definitely a small gift from God on Sunday night," said Mark. "You could see it stretching from one edge to the other."


Solved: The Mystery of the Double Rainbow.

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