Dota 2 International-Battle-of-Step is officially out

This International year of the Battle of-way has been officially released across all the regions to Dota 2 that the players to enjoy. Has been added new features, along with some classics returning of bits for the popular game of today.

Even with The International delayed until the year 2021, due to the global health of the climate, Valve has still put some amazing content for players to enjoy during the coming months, as they grind their Battle to Pass the levels, to try to obtain rewards, as the two new Hero People or three new Arcana.

As usual, the 25 per cent of the Battle of the Step total of the sales will go directly to the prize pool for TI10 always happens. An initial set of level packs are available immediately. You can buy the Level One Package for $9.99, the 50 Level Package for $29.35, or the 100-Level Package for $44.99.

As for the features, the Valve has added Guilds to the game, which will allow players to join the communities within Dota 2 to play with other players, ensuring that you’ll always have a team to queue with. The guilds have their own system of levels, each player can help to increase to give rewards for all that a part of the same brotherhood.

Any person can join a clan, but only the players with the Battle Step can create them at this time.

There will be Daily Contracts, Guild Challenges, and rewards like emoticons, bonus challenges, in-game Guild Banner updates, Battle Pass bonuses, and more. This is a feature that will probably be around for a long time after the Battle Step, but the publication is now a good way to get players invested.

A new Cave Crawl known as night silver and Foulfell is also now available, letting players explore the forest, lit by the moon of the night silver, where the goddess Selemene queen and the veil between worlds shines in every glade. This is a mode that will allow you to grind for exclusive sets of objects, Points of Battle, and the special tools that will help you on the way.

Another new feature, the Battle of the Gauntlet, will test the players skills in a competitive point of view that involves daily entry tickets. If you use one of your tickets, you can enter into a challenge where winning three games before losing two will give you awards such as the 1,500 Battle Points, a Battle-Level update, and 200 Sideshop Gold.

All the wheels of business is based on the skill level, so don’t worry about being run over early by someone leagues ahead of you.

And speaking of the Sideshop, this is a new business that will allow you to use the gold to recruit heroes to your list. Then, you can train the heroes before the sale of their contracts outside of gems that will allow the trade on secret of the jewel of the market.

On top of all the new features, other parts of the game have seen some changes, including the figure of the court, in Front of the Screen, and the Betting. Other novel aspects, such as the Reward of the Kill, of the Community Coincide with the Predictions, and the Screen, Pause playground, have also been added to keep things interesting.

More information about some of the rewards along with a Special Summer Event will be released as the Battle Step continues to be developed. But for a complete list of the music, the Chat Wheel, and the other tier rewards, you can see the official Battle of the Pass page in the Dota 2 blog.

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