Dorshad killed workshop workers with injuries




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Illustration for article titled California Puts Dordash in its crosshairsThe image: Tibina Hobson (Getty Images)

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Bowdin announced Wednesday that she forced Dordash to reappoint delivery employees as employees rather than independent contractors, Predator wage system The gig economy gives employers great benefits at the expense of basic security for those who work for them.

“We are demanding immediate termination of the illegal behavior of Dordash failing to provide basic workplace safety,” Bowdin said in a statement. “All three branches of the California government have already made it clear that these workers are employees under California law and are entitled to these important safeguards. Failure to provide basic protection to these workers puts them at risk, especially during the COVID epidemic. ”

Bodin First sued The company in June to “illegally classify” its employees as contractors rather than full-time employees. The speed is as follows Same jerk Economy to gig Goliaths Uber and Lyft, which earlier this week in California were ordered by a judge to classify drivers as full-time full-time workers. Those parasitic enterprises have threatened Close your business If they do not find their way into the state by November, a move that underscores the Goddard scandal of these companies during a Godda epidemic.

DoorDash did not immediately return a request for comment on whether it, too, would cease operations before a November vote Proposition 22—A ballot initiative Help fund Along with Uber, Lyft, Instacart and Postmates, however, the company’s spokesperson offered the same Ass-backward argument Likewise it was used earlier this week by Uber to defend its classification of workers as independent contractors.

“In the midst of one of the deepest economic recessions in our nation’s history, this action by the district attorney threatens California’s dashers and restaurants with billions of dollars in sales that are on sale to keep their businesses open Trust, ”the Dordash spokesperson said. “More than 98% of the dashers told us when and how freedom to work is important, which is why we are committed to fighting to protect what we want and believe voters can vote for that freedom Will support Proposal in November 22. “

When Gizmodo attempted to verify the accuracy (or even sample size) of this claim, a Dordash spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request to provide a copy of the activist survey supporting the 98% figure . Even if, by some serious miracle, this statement is accurate, the assessment of “freedom” is not the same, or even different from the value of workplace safety.

A in Dordash too History of massage Data to advance your own agenda.

Instead of an employee classification that argues that it helps its employees – despite the fact that they will have access to rights such as overtime, sick leave, and minimum wages – Dordash dumps his gig economy as well as money. Is done, it becomes hollow in view of it. Friends, in finding your way. The door was thrown by Roughly $ 30 million Behind California’s ballot initiative Proposition 22, Gig Economy’s Hail Mary attempted to reverse AB5’s rules and continue to classify app-based delivery drivers as independent contractors with some protection, but not all of them Not about the rights that full-time employees would bear classification.

There are also problems with Dordash’s argument that employee reclassification would increase worker income. Surely enough work: the epidemic has created a Unprecedented demand For distribution, and business is booming (even if real profitability is elusive). Also, like other gig economy titans, the company has taken a year to prepare for such a change. AB5 was made law In September of 2019. This means that a company with an economic footprint – and broadly Valuation of $ 16 billionEmployees in California unable to allocate resources towards restructuring their businesses for redevelopment – is absurd. Perhaps Dordesh says that employee redistribution will hurt company Earnings, And it intends to make a difference by sticking your fingers in drivers’ pockets as well

Doordash has always been one Snake swarm, But the more it tries to treat its workers with decency, the clearer it is.


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