Doranda Medley postponed her possible return after being fired for ‘Mean Drunk’ for season 13 weeks.

A few weeks after Dorinda Medley confirmed her departure New York’s Real Housewives, It appears that he ultimately cannot be done with the Bravo series. According to some of Doranda’s recent Instagram comments, she is not ready to give her apple yet.

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Leah McSweeney says her former ‘Ron’ co-star will be ‘OK’

Ever since the news broke that Doranda will not return New York’s Real Housewives For season 13, there are conflicting reports about how it all happened. Some claim that Bravo fired Doranda. Others claim that it was a mutual decision between Dorinda and the network. Either way, Leah McSweeney says that Doranda will do just fine.

“I was definitely surprised, but at the same time I think anything goes,” Leah said recently on the Jenny McCarthy Show. “Nothing should shock you because at the end of the day everyone is as good as their previous season.” You never know if you are on the chopping block. ”

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Lia said it was clear that Doranda had a “difficult season”. At the same time, she admitted that fans love Doranda and that she is “very good on TV.” After firing, Leah spoke to Doranda on the phone. She says that Doranda was “great” and that her former co-star “will be fine.”

Doranda Medley’s behavior sealed her fate on Med RHONY ‘

According to Page Six, Doranda’s behavior in the Bravo reality series sealed her fate. An insider claims that Doranda’s off-color comment about Tinsley Mortimer using a turkey buster to get pregnant was too much.

Reports claimed the joke by the show’s executive producer, Andy Cohen, to be clearly “angry” and played a role in the ending of Doranda. Cohen denied the charge, posting on Page Six’s Instagram, “This is not true.”

Other reports claimed that it was Dorinda’s alcohol that led to her passing out. It is no secret that she was the “Mean Drunk” during the most recent season – for both cast and crew.

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Leah admits that she is not thrilled about Doranda’s firing. But, at the same time, she says she is “relieved in some ways.”

Like who will replace Doranda RHONY Caste, Page Six reports that it may be socialite Rachel Uchitel. Tiger Woods’ former mistress was apparently on the “short list” when Bravo was casting a replacement for Bethany Frankel.

This work ended in Leah. But, now that Doranda is pulling out after six seasons, an insider says that Bravo is considering Rachel again.

Doranda Madeley said she could ‘return’ Bravo soon

When fans thought the news of Doranda’s firing was a deal, the 55-year-old made some comments that suggested he hadn’t done so RHONY just yet. The reality blurb called attention to the comments section of one of Doranda’s recent Instagram posts. A fan told her how much she would miss him on the Bravo series.

Doranda replied with a pink heart as well, “I can never know you.”

In another post, BravoLaberty confirmed that the network fired her RHONY. It was a full 180 when he made his exit announcement in August.

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Doranda responded to a meme, suggesting that “other housewives are more eligible to be fired than Doranda.” Mem read, “We volunteer Teddy as a tribute.” It was a reference to both Play hungry And Real housewives of beverly hills Star Teddy Mellencamp.

Doranda simply said “OMG thank you” with a red-hearted emoji and prayer.

New York’s Real Housewives The season 12 reunion on Bravo will begin on Thursday, September 10.

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