Donovan Mitchell is the best rookie in the NBA who nobody talks about


A sophomore outside of Louisville, Donovan Mitchell was not mentioned as a talented first-round pick-up until his unusual construction drew attention as the draft approached. He measures 6 feet 3 with a wingspan of 6 feet and 10 feet after all.

Mitchell was not a true shipowner at the university, but earned a reputation as a 3-D option. That made his NBA potential not clear.

Could I ever see the court as a true point guard? Were your skills to handle the ball tight enough to sustain the pressure of high-level talent?

Mitchell had been answering those questions slowly since his role within the Utah offense continued to expand as the injuries affected Rudy Gobert, Joe Johnson and backup setter Raul Neto. Then it finally exploded and had The Game.

On Friday night, with a point of 41 points, Mitchell opened the eyes of all aspiring Rookie and led a return to the Jazz in the final game to beat the Pelicans, 114-108.

The striking total total finally brought the No. 13 overall selection to the attention it deserves among the league's best rookies. But in reality, this type of game has been preparing for anyone who has been watching.

In his last four games, Mitchell racked up 105 points in 36 of 69 shots (52.2%). That includes 19 of 37 (51.4%) of the three point range. He has been the savior that the Utah offense has needed since the departure of Gordon Hayward.

There are a million reasons to start seeing this 21-year-old player right now.

This is what makes a player so special.

Donovan Mitchell is fast, furtive and Bouncy As Hell

You can not teach speed, jumps or the span of a center in the body of a point guard. Mitchell has those three things, which allows for Westbrook-type speed bursts, Giannis-like drips to the brink and Zach LaVine blasts for slams.

Although he could not finish this dunk (he received a foul), all of Mitchell's best raw attributes are displayed here:

He has not yet gathered all this yet.

His impossible length allows him to finish against the best big men in the league

The unusual length of Mitchell's span for a person of his stature places him in an entire category of unicorn. He is testing on each flange run how he can conquer the height with the Wacky Inflatable Arms Arm-Flailing Tube Man.

DeMarcus Cousins ​​was quick to hear that on Friday night, since speed and range Mitchell made it almost impossible for the big man to find his shot by the hoop.

It happened again and again. As soon as Mitchell took a half step, it was too late.

Mitchell is starting to shoot down three-point shots in the dribble

A big adjustment to Mitchell's game in the NBA is his ability to hit from the bottom by creating space for himself and keeping his balance. Steph Curry can make shooting at the run seem equally simple, but adds a much higher degree of difficulty than an attempt to catch and fire.

His inability to hit shots from the dribble was the cause of several brutal shootings for Mitchell in the early days, when Utah had one of the worst offenses in the league.

Now, it seems to be fixed. [19659022] The appearance of Donovan Mitchell can push the Jazz to a place in the playoffs, something that seemed unlikely just a few weeks ago with the turbulent offensive and Rudy Gobert out of the game.

Utah has something special in Mitchell, and is only improving from here. The rookies 2017-18 are a lot that we have not seen since maybe, just maybe, 2003.

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