Donald Trump’s first pitch announcement ‘shocked’ Yankees: report

As Dr. With Anthony Fauci set to throw out the first pitch of MLB season, President Donald Trump broke some baseball news of his own.

Trump announced in the middle of a COVID-19 press talk last Thursday that he had been invited to round out the first pitch at the New York Yankees game. He will do so on August 15, a date in which the rival Boston Sox were seen touring Yankees Stadium.

It is learned that the announcement was news to the Yankees, according to a New York Times report published on Monday.

Report: Trump’s announcement surprised ‘Yankees’

From Monday’s Times report:

According to one person on Mr. Trump’s schedule, “there was a problem: Mr. Trump was not actually invited by the Yankees that day. His announcement surprised both Yankee officials and White House staffers.”

Rumored to be a candidate To serve as its chief of staff. “data-reactid =” 27 “> But Trump had told reporters that he had received a direct invitation from Yankee President Randy Levine, a longtime Trump supporter. Rumored to be a candidate To serve as its chief of staff.

“Randy Levine, he is a very good friend of mine from the Yankees,” Trump said on Thursday. Has ceased discussing our national and global health crisis. He said, “I asked to throw the first pitch. And I think I’m doing it on August 15 at Yankees Stadium. “

Yankees spokesman said the first pitch was onAccording to “data-reactid =” 30 “> Levine’s Yankees did not dispute Trump-A.” Yankees spokesman said the first pitch was on, According to

Donald Trump reportedly took some liberties with his announcement to exclude a pitch at the Yankees-Red Sox game. (AP Photo / Ivan Vukie)

Trump ‘annoyed’ by Fauci pitch plans

About 90 minutes later, Fauci tossed an ailing first pitch that went short and off home plate to open the MLB season. Fauci – not Trump – was invited to throw a pitch offered as a celebration for the citizens of Washington as he opened his World Series title in defense of the nation’s capital.

Some viewed the invitation as a nod to Trump, who was criticized by the White House and attempted to discredit Fauci and his controversial approach to managing the COVID-19 epidemic. Fauci urged caution while the White House urged businesses to reopen as the United States became the center of the global crisis.

According to the Times, Trump was indeed agitated. And he wanted his first pitch of his own, having escaped the president’s tradition during his entire time in office.

From the Times report:

“But Mr. Trump was very angry at Dr. Fauci’s turn in the headlines, an official familiar with his reaction said, that he directed his colleagues to summon Yankee officials and throw away a long-standing offer from Mr. Levine Did. An opening pitch. No dates were finalized. “

I wish, the Yankees were not forced to scramble to accommodate the president. On Sunday, Trump announced that he would not actually “throw the first pitch on August 15 while trying to make it through the season!”

It is being speculated here that the Yankees are not taking their collective breaths.

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