Donald Trump’s ABC New Town Hall, COVID-19, Turns Into A Denial Of Race And Rage – Deadline

Donald Trump told ABC News’s town hall about his reaction to the deadly coronavirus, “Yes, well, I didn’t see it.” “In fact, in many ways, I played it in the context of action,” the incumbent said, citing his ban on spring and some travel from China to Europe. “My action was very strong.”

“Whether you call it ‘genius’ or ‘luck’, it was very important, so when we did that, we saved a lot of lives.” Celebrity apprentice The host went on to boast on Tuesday’s social-warped event with George Stephanopoulos in Philadelphia – as you can see in the clip below:

Responding to voter Jonny Powell’s question about the upliftment of minority communities by COVID-19, Trump’s version of the health crisis tonight is directly opposite to what he said. Anger Author Bob Woodward on tape earlier this year of the global pandemic. “I’ve always wanted to play it down,” Trump said All the president’s men On March 19, the co-authors, as America was going into a lockdown, called POTUS unnecessary. “I’m still liking playing it, because I don’t want to create a panic,” Trump added in widely reported comments.

With more than 6.6 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, the United States has suffered nearly 200,000 deaths from the disease. “I think we did a great job,” Trump later said at the town hall, claiming that it could be very bad if not for his actions.

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“It’s disappearing, George,” an agitated Trump announced to the coronovirus. “We’re going to retreat – we don’t have studios like this, where you have this empty space,” Trump said. “I want to see people, and you want to see people. I want to watch football games. I’m pushing too hard for the Big Ten, I want to see the Big Ten open – let the football game play – let them play the game. But no, it’s disappearing, George. ”

“It will go without the vaccine, George, but it is going away very fast with it,” Trump said.

Recorded before this afternoon in Philadelphia, the primetime, 90-minute broadcast sit-down with Stephanopoulos featured 21 untrained voters asking Trump questions. Put another way, that there are fewer than eight voters, the electoral vote from Florida and one more than the battlefield Keystone.

It was the first town hall of the president’s general election campaign, a format typically meant by softball questions from the selection of “everyday” Americans. In this incident, however, he was given the opportunity to ask a followup, something that the president sometimes kept on the spot.

Trump rejected the notion that America has a racial divide, even as he and his campaign launched a campaign focused on the idea that the suburbs are threatened by urban protest and unrest. “Well, I hope there is no race problem,” Trump responded to voter Pastor Carl Day, who pointed out his Make America Great Again mantra “pushes us back into a time in which we are such greatness Can not identify with. ” Trump said: “I can tell you that no one is with me because I have great respect for all castes – everyone. This is why this country is great.”

As he has done frequently in the past, Trump again indicated how great the economy was before the coronovirus and its economic collapse pushed the nation into worse financial conditions in modern history. Trump also doubled his eccentric focus on law and order, maintaining Richard Nixon’s strategy for more than half a century.

“I can only say that the police in this country have generally done a very good job,” Trump said by law enforcement in an extended stream of consciousness after being asked about brutality and racism by George Floyd And the murders of Bryo Taylor were seen. Recent shooting of Jacob Blake.

Trump said “crimes occur, problems occur, and chokers also occur,” while almost conceding that Floyd and Taylor’s deaths were “tragic events.”

“They choked under pressure,” Trump went to justify police violence “I mean, they have a quarter of a second to decide, and sometimes they make a wrong decision, and it’s a terrible The thing is, “he continued the so-called” bad apple “on police forces.

“But you have 99 percent great people. I know the police forces very well. I think almost every one of them, if you look, I have been endorsed by many of them. And these are great people. ”

The demonstration made it clear on Tuesday that Trump had no intention of veiling his tactics of blaming others. At one point for growing crises, as he described the “Democrat states” as flawed, Stephanopulos had to remind them that they were “American states.” In another example, Trump criticized Joe Biden for not enforcing a national mask mandate, even though he said he would. “To be clear: I am not currently the president,” Biden tweeted later in the evening.

When asked about the derogatory remarks he allegedly made about American military personnel and veterans, a visibly agitated Trump again refused and called the Atlantic “Fake News” with articles and other “fake quotes”. Heavily criticized his former defense secretary, his former chief of staff, and his former national security adviser, among others, as disqualified for Trump’s position, Trump, as they’ve already said, once men. He called the “ex-employees dissatisfied”. . ”

When asked about attacks by another voter of color due to health care access and Obamaker’s pre-existing condition, Trump turned a false claim on the subject that Democrats have “social medicine” from Stephanopoulos Fact checked on-air. Given how the Trump administration is trying to repeal Obamacare’s “entire law” in the Supreme Court, which has no significant replacement law or plan despite repeated promises, Stephanopoulos’ facts are humbled with Trump’s It was said that he is all set. “- As you can see in the clip below.

The location of the Town Hall tonight in Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center had no background. Trump’s victory in Pennsylvania in 2016 was a setback for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and most Democrats. Trump and Biden both came to the state last week to visit the Shanksville Memorial for the 19th anniversary of 9/11. With more than 35 years under his belt as a senator from neighboring Delaware, Biden currently holds a nearly 10-point lead over Trump in Pennsylvania, though it is expected to strengthen in the coming weeks as both live debate. Let’s meet the trio.

Stephanopoulos tried to intervene in moments, but often Trump quickly dismissed false claims and false statements, making real-time fact checking next to impossible. It will be a challenge on September 29, the first debate, when Fox News’ Chris Wallace will moderate.

ABC News said it offered Biden the town hall, but said they “could not find a mutually agreed date with the Biden campaign”. On the other hand, Biden will appear on CNN on Thursday with anchor Anderson Cooper for his own town hall.

On his show on Tuesday, Cooper’s guest was Woodward, who responded to Trump’s claim that he is an “up-played” virus.

“We’re living in an Orwellian world,” Woodward said. “It is not just about some political problem, or some geopolitical problem. It is about the lives of the people of this country. ”