Donald Trump stripped off his mask in a news conference – Deadline

President Donald Trump spent the majority of his Labor Day tweeting about an article in The Atlantic, portraying him as dismissive of American soldiers who died in combat and were unwilling to go to their graves Happened. The most explosive claim in the piece is that Trump called the fallen soldiers a “sucker” and a “loser”, which he denies.

It is not surprising that he was surprised when asked about the article at a news conference on Monday.

Trump interrupts as Reuters White House reporter Jeff Mason, who was wearing a mask, asks his question.

“You’re going to shut it down. Just take it off,” Trump said as he pointed out Mason’s mask.

“How many feet away are you?” A seemingly irritated president. “If you don’t close it, you’re very surprised. So if you remove it, it will be very easy.”

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“I’ll just speak very loudly,” Mason replied. “Is that better?”

Trump responded by saying, “It’s better, yes.” It is better.”

Mason then continued his question: “Mr. Mr. President, what you have said about John McCain, some people are having difficulty believing your refutation of the Atlantic story. Do you understand? ”

Trump called McCain famous, a prisoner of war in Vietnam for five years, a “loser.” He said at the time, “I like people who were not given possession.”

Responding to Mason’s question, the president said, “No, I don’t understand it. I don’t understand it at all because … I’ve always been on the opposite side of John McCain. John McCain loved war. I was better than anyone I will be a warrior, but when we fight a war, we are going to win them. ”

Trump of the Atlantic story said, “The story is a hoax.” “Written by a boy who has got a very bad history … It’s a story. It’s a completely made-up story.”

“Who would say such a thing? Will only an animal say something like this? ”

Trump spent four minutes trying to refute the piece of the Atlantic, saying that “15 people have come out” to verify his version of events.

On Thursday evening, the Associated Press and Washington Post reported details matching some of The Atlantic Peace, while on Friday, Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin reported that she, too, had confirmed key details in the piece.

Trump has a complex history with masks. He said for a long time that he prefers not to wear one, in July he said he was “all for it.” Shortly afterwards he was seen wearing it in public for the first time. Since then, he often appears without one.

At a campaign event on Thursday, where some faces were involved, Trump said he thinks Joe Biden “likes a mask.” He said, “This guy got some big issues.”